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Bridging History: The Harford Road Bridge Project

Appendix C Traffic Engineering/MOT Skill Set

Idea Name Detailed Description Implementation Details (barriers, skills set coordination, etc.)
Full closure Change in bus service (both mass transit and school) along closure and detour routes. Pre-project meetings and coordination.
Model traffic flows to determine best detour routes. Simulation will help the public better visualize the different options and results.
Incident management plan to mitigate congestion due accidents and breakdowns. Coordination with local law enforcement, emergency services, and DOT. Courtesy patrols.
Improvement to detour routes and intersections to handle additional traffic. Additional turn lanes, optimize signal timing, preventive maintenance on signal equipment, change parking restrictions, additional parking enforcement assets. Possible ADA improvement requirements for intersection improvements.
Use variable message signs to detour commuter traffic in advance of project detour routes.
Project website for real time traffic information and detour routes.
Pedestrian access. Additional lighted pedestrian walkway and foot bridge. Shuttle bus for school students
Allows additional staging area for equipment on existing closed road.

Better safety at construction site.

Increase in accidents due to additional traffic along detour routes.

Truck route.
AGC Constructability Review.
Phased Construction Better local access (pedestrian, bus, vehicles).

Less disruption.

Mixed safety concerns (more accidents at construction sites, less at detour).

Traffic capacity will be cut in half. Alternate route development and signing.
Incentives for contractor to accelerate construction. Lane rental, A+B contracting, incentive/disincentive contracting.
Incident Management Plan.
Truck Routes.
Pedestrian access.

Pedestrian access under bridge.

Build new pedestrian route.

School access.
Staging area for contractor. Additional environmental considerations.
AGC Constructability Review.
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