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At-Grade Intersection Improvement MD Route 97 Georgia Avenue at Randolph Road

Together, the united forces of our communication and transportation systems are dynamic elements in the very name we bear – United States. Without them, we would be a mere alliance of many separate parts.

– President Dwight D. Eisenhower, February 22, 1955
Source: "The Quotable Interstate,"
Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
Accessed June 6, 2007

Executive Summary

Our Nation's ever-changing technology and increasing mobility make President Eisenhower's remarks as applicable today as they were in 1955.

One of the major challenges many departments of transportation (DOTs) now face is keeping these parts – the States' roadways and communications systems – dynamic in light of aging infrastructure, increased congestion and limited transportation dollars.

These are the very issues that the Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA) is dealing with on the MD-97 (Georgia Avenue) at Randolph Road project in Montgomery County.

Together, the FHWA and the MDSHA identified the following skill sets for the MD-97 workshop:

  • Construction
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Public Relations/Public Involvement
  • Roadway/Geometric Design
  • Structures
  • Traffic Engineering/ITS/Safety

Each team focused on how the ACTT process applied to its area of expertise. The group as a whole searched for innovative ways to help the MDSHA increase safety and accelerate construction of the MD-97 project.

As the workshop progressed, each team summarized its thoughts and narrowed them down to a list of priority recommendations. On the final day, each skill set presented its suggestions to the conference attendees. Now that the workshop is complete, the MDSHA will evaluate the various recommendations and decide which ideas should be implemented as part of the project.

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