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Geotechnical Engineering


Geotechnical Hazards

Publications for this functional area are listed here.

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Seismic Design Determination of Seismically Induced Soil Liquefaction Potential at Proposed Bridge Sites  1977       
GEC Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. 3 - Earthquake Engineering for Highways, Design Principles  1997      View PDF (20 mb)
Seismic Design Seismic Design of Highway Bridge Foundations  1986       
Miscellaneous Training Course in Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering - Student Exercises  1999       
Geotechnical Notebook Issuances GT-15 - Geotechnical Differing Site Conditions    FHWA-1996    View PDF (0.2 mb)
Miscellaneous FHWA Checklist and Guidelines for Review of Geotechnical Reports and Preliminary Plans and Specifications  1988  FHWA-ED-88-053    View PDF (0.2 mb)
Miscellaneous Geotechnical Instrumentation  1998  FHWA-HI-98-034     
Miscellaneous Manual for Abandoned Underground Mine Inventory and Risk Assessment  1999  FHWA-IF-99-007    View PDF (3.8 mb)
Miscellaneous Soils and Foundations Workshop Manual  2000  FHWA-NHI-00-045     

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