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Design Guide Implementation Team (DGIT)

Timeline of Implementation Events

A variety of educational activities will be introduced during the next few years to help States implement the M-E design approach. These include State and regional workshops, training courses, technical assistance, and a dedicated Web site. The intended audience includes FHWA Resource Center and Division Office engineers, Federal Lands engineers, and State Highway Agency pavements design, material, and traffic engineers. In 2004 introductory workshops were held in eight locations throughout the Nation. These workshops provided an overview of implementation of the guide. In 2005, workshops addressing the collection of materials input data for the MEPDG were presented to state highway agency pavement design and materials engineers. Another series of workshops were conducted to address the provision of traffic inputs to the MEPDG.

In 2006, a series of 1-day workshops will be presented that aim to familiarize participants on modeling climatic effects on pavement performance with MEPDG, reducing climatic effects through materials selection and design, and analyzing current State design methods for climatic effects. The target audience for this workshop agency's materials, geotechnical, and pavement design engineers as well as industry or academic consultants that support state agencies in pavement design. The workshop enables highway engineers to gain an understanding of what is needed specifically in terms of climatic inputs that affect the materials selection and response as part of mechanistic-empirical pavement design.

February 28, 2006Pilot Course: Climatic Considerations in MEPDG workshop, Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, HDR F-208, McLean, VA
March 30, 2006DGIT Climatic Considerations Workshop, Virginia DOT Transportation Training Center, Thornburg, VA
April 5-6, 2006Lead States Group for MEPDG implementation meeting, Nashville, TN
April 11, 2006DGIT Climatic Considerations Workshop, Florida DOT State Materials Office Training Center, Gainesville, FL
April 18, 2006DGIT Climatic Considerations Workshop, Montana DOT Headquarters Commission Room, Helena, MT
May 11, 2006DGIT Climatic Considerations Workshop, New Mexico DOT District 3 Office, Albuquerque, NM
May 31, 2006DGIT Climatic Considerations Workshop, Oklahoma DOT Training Center, Oklahoma City, OK
June 22, 2006DGIT Climatic Considerations Workshop, Ohio DOT Lower-level Conference Room GA, Columbus, OH
June 28, 2006DGIT Climatic Considerations Workshop, GDOT Office of Materials and Research, Forest Park (Atlanta), GA
August 1, 2006DGIT Climatic Considerations Workshop, Center for Training Transportation Professionals at University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
August 15, 2006DGIT Climatic Considerations Workshop, Arizona DOT State Materials Office, Phoenix, AZ
September 6, 2006DGIT Climatic Considerations Workshop, Minnesota DOT training center (in Shoreview), Minneapolis, MN
September 19, 2006  DGIT Climatic Considerations Workshop, Connecticut DOT Materials and Research Office, Rocky Hill, CT
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Updated: 09/22/2014

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