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State Highway Income

Guide to Reporting Highway Statistics | Form 1 | Form 2

This public report burden for this information collection is estimated to average 40 hours. Form Approved OMB No. 2125-0032
Year Ending (mm/yy):
B.1. State motor-fuel taxes B.6. Funds from FHWA (Identify by purpose)
a. Total Distributed (from FHWA-556, Item 8k)   a. Highway purpose  
b. Adjustments Due To Timing differences   b. Transit purpose  
c. Less Collection Costs Not Shown on FHWA-556   c. Total, FHWA-531, B.6
d. Other (Specify)   B.7. Funds from other Federal agencies (Identify by agency)
e. Other (Specify)   a. Federal Transit Admin.- Highway purpose  
f. Net Income, FHWA-531, B.1   b. Federal Transit Admin.- Transit purpose  
B.2. State motor vehicle, motor carrier and driver license taxes, fees, etc. c. National Highway Traffic Safety Admin.  
d. Forest Service (Reserve funds)  
a. Total Distributed (from FHWA-566, Item 8k)   e. Bureau of Indian Affairs  
b. Adjustments Due To Timing differences   f. Bureau of Land Management  
c. Less Collection Costs Not Shown on FHWA-566   g. Bureau of Reclamation  
d. Other (Specify)   h. Mineral Management Service  
e. Other (Specify)   i. Army Corps of Engineers  
f. Net Income, FHWA-531, B.2   j. Department of Energy  
B.3. Appropriations from State general funds (Indicate purpose e.g., State Highways, State Police, Grants To Counties, etc.) k. Federal Emergency Management Agency  
l. (Specify)  
a.   m. (Specify)  
b.   n. (Specify)  
c.   o. (Specify)  
d.   p. Total, FHWA-531, B.7
e.   Report Totals for Items B.8 and B.9 on page 2
f.   B.10. Miscellaneous State highway income (Identify major items)
g. Total, FHWA-531, B.3   a. Interest On Investments, Sinking Funds  
B.4. Other State taxes or fees (Identify by type of tax) b. Interest On Investments, Other Accounts  
a. Sales And Use Taxes   c. Private Contributions  
b. Severance Taxes   d. (Specify)  
c. (Specify)   e. (Specify)  
d. (Specify)   f. (Specify)  
e. (Specify)   g. (Specify)  
f. Total, FHWA-531, B.4   h. (Specify)  
Report Totals for Item B.5 on page 2   i. Total, FHWA-531, B.10  

Form FHWA-531 (Rev. 12/2005)