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List of Major Reporting Form Templates and the Chapters Providing Instructions

NOTE: All forms are in HTML and Microsoft Excel (*.XLS) format.

Chapter Description HTML Excel
 2 Monthly Motor-Fuel Consumption 551m.htm 551m.xls
 2 State Motor-Fuel Tax Receipts and Initial Distribution by Collection Agencies 556.htm 556.xls
 3 State Motor-Vehicle Registrations, Registration Fees, and Miscellaneous Receipts    
 4 State Driver Licenses and Fees    
 5 Receipts from State Taxation of Motor Vehicles Operated for Hire and Other Motor Carriers    
 6 State Motor-Vehicle Registration Fees and Other Receipts: Initial Distribution by Collecting Agencies    
 8 State Highway Income 531.htm 531.xls
 8 State Highway Expenditures 532.htm 532.xls
 9 State Transportation Obligations Issued During Year and Allotment of Proceeds 541.htm 541.xls
 9 Status of State Transportation Debt 542.htm 542.xls
 9 State Transportation Sinking Fund and Debt Service Transactions (Optional) 543.htm 543.xls
10 Toll Facility Receipts and Disbursements 539.htm 539.xls
11 Local Highway Finance Report 536.htm 536.xls
12 Highway Capital Outlay and Maintenance Expenditures 534.htm 534.xls


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