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State Highway Expenditures

Guide to Reporting Highway Statistics | Form 1 | Form 2

This public report burden for this information collection is estimated to average 40 hours. Form Approved OMB No. 2125-0032
A. 1 Capital outlay on state system    
a. Cost of acquiring right-of-way    
b. Preliminary and construction engineering    
c. Construction of highways    
d. Total, A.1    
Report Total for Item A.2 on page 2    
A. 3 Highway and traffic services    
a. Traffic control operations    
b. Snow and ice removal    
c. Other    
d. Total, A.3    
A. 4 General administration and miscellaneous expenditures for State system    
a. General administration and engineering    
b. Highway planning and research    
c. Total, A.4    
A. 5 Law Enforcement and Safety    
a. Traffic supervision    
b. Highway, traffic, and driver safety programs    
c. Vehicle inspection    
d. Vehicle size and weight enforcement    
e. Total, A.5    
Expenditures on Other Roads and Streets A.7 Other State roads not on State System A.9 Locally administered roads
a. Capital outlay    
b. Maintenance and Traffic Services    
c. Administration    
d. Total, A.7 and A.9    
Report Total for Items A.6, A.8 and A.10 on page 2    
Expenditures for Mass transit Purposes A.11 Direct Expenditures A.12 Grants-in-aid
a. Capital Outlay    
b. Operations and Maintenance    
c. Administration, Planning, and Research    
d. Debt Service    
e. Total, A.11 and A.12    
A.13 Expenditures for Nontransportation Purposes    
a. Transfers to State General Fund for State general purposes  
b. (Specify)    
c. (Specify)    
d. (Specify)    
e. (Specify)    
f. (Specify)    
g. Total, A.13