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This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-13-066
Date: August 2013


Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Performance Testing - Axial Load Deformation Relationships



The authors would like to acknowledge the hard work and effort of Ms. Jan Li, Mr. Moustafa Ibrahim-Awad, Mr. Tim Tuggle, Mr. Jeffrey Lin, and Mr. Daniel Powers in helping to construct and test the performance tests at Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center. In addition, thanks to Dr. Fassil Beshah for coordinating use of the Structures Laboratory. For the tests conducted in Defiance County, OH, the authors wish to thank Mr. Warren Schlatter and Mr. Jeff Timbrook, along with the participants of each GRS EDC Validation Session. Finally, the authors would also like to extend their appreciation for the technical review comments prepared by (in alphabetical order) Mr. Daniel Alzamora of the Resource Center, Khalid Mohamed of the Office of Bridge Technology, and Dr. Justin Ocel of the Office of Infrastructure Research and Development.


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