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Hydraulics Publications


Publication TitlePublication NumberNTIS No.Publication YearPDF
Pier Scour in Clear-Water Conditions With Non-Uniform Bed Materials HRT-12-022  2012  pdf-file
Submerged Flow Bridge Scour Under Clear Water Conditions HRT-12-034  2012  pdf-file
Bridge Pressure Flow Scour for Clear Water Conditions HRT-09-041  2009  pdf-file
Hydrodynamic Forces on Inundated Bridge Decks HRT-09-028  2009  pdf-file
Hydraulics Laboratory Fact Sheet HRT-07-054  2007  pdf-file
Junction Loss Experiments: Laboratory Report HRT-07-036  2007  pdf-file
Bottomless Culvert Scour Study: Phase II Laboratory Report HRT-07-026  2007  pdf-file
Effects of Inlet Geometry on Hydraulic Performance of Box Culverts HRT-06-138  2006  pdf-file
Assessing Stream Channel Stability at Bridges in Physiographic Regions HRT-05-072  2006  pdf-file
Field Observations and Evaluations of Streambed Scour at Bridges RD-03-052  2005  pdf-file
Enhanced Abutment Scour Studies For Compound Channels RD-99-156  2004  pdf-file
Bridge Scour in Nonuniform Sediment Mixtures and in Cohesive Materials: Synthesis Report RD-03-083 PB-2204-104690 2003  pdf-file
Development of Hydraulic Computer Models to Analyze Tidal and Coastal Stream Hydraulic Conditions at Highway Structures (Phase 3 for Pooled Fund Study) SC-02-03  2002  pdf-file
Bottomless Culvert Scour Study: Phase I Laboratory Report RD-02-078  2002  pdf-file
Performance Curve for a Prototype of Two Large Culverts in Series Dale Boulevard, Dale City, Virginia RD-01-095  2001  pdf-file
Hydraulics of Iowa DOT Slope-Tapered Pipe Culverts RD-01-077  2001  pdf-file
Durability Analysis of Aluminized Type 2 Corrugated Metal Pipe RD-97-140  2000  pdf-file
Portable Instrumentation for Real Time Measurement of Scour At Bridges RD-99-085 PB2000-102040 1999  No PDF
Effects of Gradation and Cohesion on Scour, Volume 4, "Experimental Study of Scour Around Circular Piers in Cohesive Soils" RD-99-186 PB2000-103273 1999  No PDF
Remote Methods of Underwater Inspection of Bridge Structures RD-99-100 PB9915-7968 1999  No PDF
Users Manual for BRI-STARS RD-99-190 PB2000-107372 1999  No PDF
Users Primer for BRI-STARS RD-99-191 PB2000-107371 1999  No PDF
Effects of Gradation and Cohesion on Scour, Volume 6, "Abutment Scour in Uniform and Stratified Sand Mixtures" RD-99-188 PB2000-103275 1999  No PDF
South Dakota Culvert Inlet Design Coefficients RD-01-076  1999  pdf-file
Effects of Gradation and Cohesion on Scour, Volume 3, "Abutment Scour for Nonuniform Mixtures" RD-99-185 PB2000-103272 1999  No PDF
Effects of Gradation and Cohesion on Scour, Volume 2, "Experimental Study of Sediment Gradation and Flow Hydrograph Effects on Clear Water Scour Around Circular Piers" RD-99-184 PB2000-103271 1999  No PDF
Effects of Gradation and Cohesion on Scour, Volume 5, "Effect of Cohesion on Bridge Abutment Scour" RD-99-187 PB2000-103274 1999  No PDF
Effects of Gradation and Cohesion on Scour, Volume 1, "Effect of Sediment Gradation and Coarse Material Fraction on Clear Water Scour Around Bridge Piers" RD-99-183 PB2000-103270 1999  No PDF
Retention, Detention and Overland Flow for Pollutant Removal from Highway Runoff, Vol. II: Design Guidelines RD-96-096 PB97-122196 1996  No PDF
Retention, Detention and Overland Flow for Pollutant Removal from Highway Runoff, Vol. I: Research Report RD-96-095 PB97-122188 1996  No PDF
Channel Scour at Bridges in the United States RD-95-184 PB96-203195 1995  No PDF
An Experimental Study of Scour Protection Alternatives at Bridge Piers RD-95-187 PB96-168794 1995  No PDF
Culvert Repair Practices Manual Volume 2 RD-95-089 PB95-220950 1995  pdf-file
Energy Losses Through Junction Manholes, Volume 2 RD-94-081 PB95-138608 1994  No PDF
Culvert Repair Practices Manual Volume I RD-94-096 PB95-220968 1994  pdf-file
Preliminary Procedure to Predict Scour in Bedrock CT-R-SD-94-14 PB95-209235 1994  No PDF
Energy Losses Through Junction Manholes, Volume 1 RD-94-080 PB95-164950 1994  No PDF
Strategies for Managing Unknown Bridge Found RD-92-030 PB92-156678  1992  No PDF
HYDRAIN: Version 5.0 Volumes I to VII RD-92-061  1992  No PDF
The Stability of Riprap Used to Protect Bridge Piers RD-91-057 PB93-174639 1991  No PDF
Stability of Riprap for Protection at the Toe of Abutments RD-90-035 PB93-167369 1990  No PDF
Hydraulic Stability of Articulated Concrete Block Revetment Systems During Overtopping Flow RD-89-199 PB90-266156 1989  pdf-file
Lab Report for the Acosta Bridge Scour Study RD-89-114 PB91-174052 1988  No PDF
Cost-Effective Roadway Drain. Design Using Economic Analysis RD-88-126 PB91-104497 1988  No PDF
FESWMS-2DH, Research Report RD-88-146 PB91-106492 1988  No PDF
FESWMS-2DH, Users Manual RD-88-177  1988  No PDF
Minimizing Embankment Damages During Overtopping RD-88-181 PB90-266107 1988  No PDF
Development a Methodology for Estimating Embankment Damage Due to Flood Overtopping RD-86-126 PB87-178356 1986  pdf-file
Performance of Flexible Ditch Linings RD-86-114  1986  pdf-file
Bridge Waterways Analysis Model Research Report RD-86-108 PB86-186830 1986  pdf-file
Design of Spur-type Streambank Stabilization Structures RD-84-101  1984  pdf-file
Streambank Stabilization Measures for Highway Engineers RD-84-100 PB86-187986 1984  No PDF
Streambank Stabilization Measures, Executive Summary RD-84-099 PB86-186848 1984  No PDF
Scour at Culvert Outlets in Mixed Bed Materials RD-82-011  1982  pdf-file
Stability of Relocated Stream Channels RD-80-158  1980  pdf-file
Stream Channel Degradation And Aggrandation Causes And Consequences To Highways RD-80-038  1980  pdf-file
Hydraulic Flow Resistance Factors for Corrugated Metal Conduits TS-80-216  1980  pdf-file
Methods for Assessment of Stream-Related Hazards to Highways And Bridges RD-80-160  1980  pdf-file
Countermeasures for Hydraulic Problems at Bridges, Vol. 2 Case Histories RD-78-163 PB-297685 1978  pdf-file
Countermeasures for Hydraulic Problems at Bridges, Vol. 1 Analysis and Assessment RD-78-162 PB297132 1978  pdf-file
Approximation Method for Computing Backwater Profiles RD-76-042 PB-263915 1976  No PDF
Hydraulic Characteristics of Two Bicycle Safe Grate Inlet Designs RD-74-077  1974  pdf-file
Evaluation of the Flood Risk Factor in the Design of Box Culverts, Vol. 1 Theoretical Development RD-74-011  1974  pdf-file
Proposal for the MD SHA Phase II Bottomless Culvert Study     No PDF