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Bolted Field Splice Design Flowchart Chart 4

  1. Obtain Design Criteria Design Step 4.1

    Commentary for 1: Includes: Splice location, Girder section properties, Material and bolt properties

  2. Select Girder Section as Basis for Field Splice Design S6. Design Step 4.2

  3. Which adjacent girder section is smaller?

    Commentary for 3: Design bolted field splice based on the smaller adjacent girder section (S6.

  4. Design bolted field splice based on left adjacent girder section properties.

  5. Design bolted field splice based on right adjacent girder section properties.

  6. Compute Flange Splice Design Loads Design Step 4.3

    Commentary for 6: Includes: Girder moments, Strength stresses and forces, Service stresses and forces, Fatigue stresses and forces, Controlling and non-controlling flange, Construction moments and shears

  7. Design Bottom Flange Splice Design Step 4.4

    Commentary for 7: Check: Yielding/fracture of splice plates, Block shear rupture resistance (S6.13.4), Shear of flange bolts, Slip resistance, Minimum spacing (, Maximum spacing for sealing (, Maximum pitch for stitch bolts (, Edge distance (, Bearing at bolt holes (, Fatigue of splice plates (6.6.1), Control of permanent deflection (

  8. Design Top Flange Splice S6. Design Step 4.5

    Commentary for 8: Refer to Design Step 4.4

  9. Compute Web Splice Design Loads S6. Design Step 4.6

    Commentary for 9: Check: Girder shear forces, Shear resistance for strength, Web moments and horizontal force resultants for strength, service and fatigue

  10. Design Web Splice S6. Design Step 4.7

    Commentary for 10: Check: Bolt shear strength, Shear yielding of splice plate (, Fracture on the net section (6.13.4), Block shear rupture resistance (6.13.4), Flexural yielding of slice plates, Bearing resistance (, Fatigue of splice plates (

  11. Are both the top and bottom flange splice designs completed?

    Commentary for 11: Both the top and bottom flange splices must be designed, and they are designed using the same procedures.

  12. Do all bolt patterns satisfy all specifications?

  13. Draw Schematic of Final Bolted Field Splice Design Design Step 4.8

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