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Helping Commuters and Employers Find Better Ways to Get Around and Get Rewarded

Georgia Commute Options (GCO) | Atlanta Region, Georgia

Georgia Commute Options is a program managed by the Atlanta Regional Commission and funded through the Georgia Department of Transportation. The Commission has worked with employers, commuters, and schools to reduce the number of single-occupant vehicles on Metro Atlanta's roads-particularly during peak times. Free services are provided to motivate the public to choose clean commute alternatives and to get rewarded in the process. This includes various incentives such as trip planning, discounted transit passes, and guaranteed rides home, if a commuter switches from driving alone to a clean commute. Clean commute options promoted through the program include public transit, telework, carpool, vanpool, biking, and walking.

Sponsor: Georgia Department of Transportation and Atlanta Regional Commission

Project Type: Travel Demand Management; Public Education and Outreach

ARC & GDOT logos
Image shows man on bicycle in a bike lane with his helmet and backpack on, as if he is riding his bike to school or work.
Commuter utilizing a designated bicycle lane. Source: GA Commute Options Biking & Walking.
This pie chart shows $16 million CMAQ funding and $4 million state match as a proportion of the total $20 million project funding.
Pie chart illustrating the $16 million CMAQ funding for Georgia commute infrastructure. *Funding is spread over three years.


VOC 114 kg/day
NOx 288 kg/day
PM2.5 7.3 kg/day
* in 2017


Image shows the logos of eight Transportation Management Associations around a map of the Atlanta metro region and seven logos of state and local transit service providers.
Georgia Commute Options partners with the local transit service providers to help commuters find a better way to work, as well as Transportation Management Associations, which help identify commute options based on the job centers they service. Source: GACommuteOptions.

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Updated: 03/25/2020
Updated: 3/25/2020
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