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Improved Access to CNG Fueling

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Refueling Station | Hobart, Indiana

The City of Hobart, in partnership with the South Shore Clean Cities/Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission Green Fleet Program, installed new facilities to safely service its fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, which are fueled on-site at the city's 12-pump CNG fueling station. The CNG fueling station was constructed with the help of CMAQ dollars. Having both the fueling station and garage as part of the city's public works facility reduces downtime from traveling outside of the city to fuel and the CNG vehicles can now be serviced in-house. City officials chose CNG after receiving recommendations for adopting the alternative fuel as part of an audit conducted through the Green Fleet Program. Hobart officials chose CNG because of its cost effectiveness and emissions savings when compared to diesel. City officials plan to purchase additional CNG vehicles.

Sponsor: Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission, South Shore Clean Cities

Project Type: Alternative Fuels and Vehicles

Image shows a man working on the side of a commercial truck with the service panel open.
City employee inspecting CNG trucks at refueling station. Source: South Shore Clean Cities.
This pie chart shows $580,000 CMAQ funding and $145,000 local funding as a proportion of the total $725,000 project funding.
Pie chart illustrating the $4.2 million CMAQ funding for the CNG Refuse Haulers and Fueling projects.


VOC 0.37 kg/day
NOx 4.28 kg/day
PM2.5 0.021 kg/day
CO 1.78 kg/day


Image of a dump truck on hydraulic lifts inside a public works garage in the City of Hobart.
The City of Hobart has five CNG refuse vehicles and plans to add nine more to its fleet by the end of 2024. One of the vehicles is seen here in the city's public works facility with CNG fueling. Source: South Shore Clean Cities.

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Updated: 03/25/2020
Updated: 3/25/2020
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