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A Step Toward a Zero-Carbon Emissions Ferry Fleet

Hybrid Electric Ferry Conversion | Seattle, Washington

The Washington State Ferry (WSF) Hybrid Electric Ferry Conversion Project is part of a three-phase Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) program to transition to a zero-carbon emissions ferry fleet. This project includes purchase of equipment needed for the conversion of two Jumbo Mark II Class (JMII) vessels to hybrid electric propulsion and integration of battery storage technology into the existing diesel electric propulsion systems. Two of the four diesel generator engines will be removed and the remaining diesel generator engines can recharge the vessels' lithium-ion battery banks powering the electric propulsion system. Ultimately, terminal-based recharging infrastructure will allow for shore-side charging and full-electric propulsion. This is the first step toward the goal of a zero carbon emissions fleet and will help WSF reduce its environmental footprint.

Sponsor: Washington State Department of Transportation

Project Type: Alternative Fuels and Vehicles

Image shows a man and a woman standing next to a lithium ion battery bank.
Image of lithium ion battery banks used on the ferries. Source: Washington State Ferries.
This pie chart shows $6.5 million CMAQ funding, $30.5 million VW settlement funds, and $36 million state match as a proportion of the total $20 million project funding.
Pie chart showing $6.5 million CMAQ funding for hybrid electric ferry conversion project.


CO 436 kg/day
NOx 854 kg/day
PM2.5 44 kg/day
* in 2017


Image shows the Wenatchee ferry carrying passengers on Puget Sound with Mount Rainier in the background.
M/V Wenatchee is one of three in the Jumbo Mark II class that will be converted from diesel to hybrid electric power. Source: Washington State Ferries.

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Updated: 03/25/2020
Updated: 3/25/2020
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