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Noise Compatible Planning

Through advance planning and shared responsibility, local governments and developers, working cooperatively with Federal and State governments, can plan, design, and construct new development projects and roadways that minimize the adverse effects of noise from highway traffic. Noise-compatible land-use planning encourages the location of less noise-sensitive land uses near highways, promotes the use of open space separating roads from developments, and suggests special construction techniques that minimize the impact of noise from highway traffic. While this concept has existed since the environmental legislation of the 1970’s, the experience is limited. FHWA offers guidance on noise compatible planning (NCP), but has limited authority at the local level.

In an attempt to improve customer relationships, FHWA has compiled the limited information that is available on the Internet regarding highway traffic NCP. FHWA does not promote any particular approach or consultants who performed or authored the following documents. These are only an attempt at compiling the limited information on the topic of NCP to facilitate stakeholder partnerships and coordination.

Also, NCP is the newest term describing this concept. NCP is considered interchangeable with the following terms: noise-compatible land-use planning, noise compatible growth, noise compatible development, and land use control for highway traffic noise.

This webpage was developed to encourage communication and coordination between those that plan and construct developments with the issues and concerns of Federal and State agencies. The nature of the information age is that it always changes. Thus, as new links are discovered or changes to existing links noted, this webpage will change from time to time. If you notice any changes, desire to notify FHWA of your NCP activity, or wish to contact us for some of the documents not available online, please contact us.

Updated: 9/21/2018
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