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TA 5140.30

Canceled: List of Adhesives

This Technical Advisory was canceled on January 16, 2018 by T5140.34 Use and Inspection of Adhesive Anchors in Federal-Aid Projects

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On July 10, 2006, a portion of the suspended ceiling system of the I-90 connector tunnel in Boston, MA collapsed onto a passing car killing the passenger and injuring the driver. The suspended ceiling in the collapsed section was comprised of concrete panels connected to steel hangers suspended from the tunnel concrete ceiling by an adhesive anchor system consisting of stainless steel anchor rods embedded in epoxy. The probable cause of failure of the suspended ceiling system was determined to be the use of an adhesive without adequate resistance to creep.

As a result of this determination the FHWA issued Technical Advisory TA 5140.26, Use and Inspection of Adhesive Anchors in Federal-Aid Projects, to implement safety recommendations to ensure that similar incidents will not occur in the future. At the time TA 5140.26 was issued, it identified the four adhesives products that FHWA was aware were inadequate. Since that time, the investigation has continued to identify adhesives that are re-packaged Sika products that include the fast set hardener (part B of the epoxy). To insure that the best, most up to date information is widely available on these inadequate adhesives, FHWA cancelled TA 5140.26 and issued TA 5140.30, UPDATE: Use and Inspection of Adhesive Anchors in Federal-Aid Projects. Paragraph 3 of TA 5140.30 directs readers to this webpage for a list of adhesives that are defined as "Fast Set epoxy".

The products listed below were manufactured or distributed with both Fast Set and Standard Set epoxies prior to January 2008. All manufacturers have reportedly discontinued the use of Fast Set epoxy in their products since January 2008. The FHWA is not, however, involved in overseeing the manufacture of epoxies and does not certify any epoxy's properties.

For new projects, a State is advised to ascertain that any adhesive it uses does not contain the Fast Set epoxy. For existing projects, if a State cannot determine if Fast Set or Standard Set epoxy was used (for example, an old invoice or inventory list does not say which formula was used in the epoxy), the State should follow the advice of Part 5 of the Technical Advisory TA 5140.30.

The use of adhesive anchors with Standard Set epoxy is subject to further recommendations of Technical Advisory TA 5140.30.

These additional adhesives are listed below separated by distributor. As this is a living inventory of Fast Set epoxy "also known as" (AKAs), it will be updated as new information is developed.

  • Last Review: October 16, 2008
  • Last Addition: October 16, 2008

Sika Corporation

  • Sikadur AnchorFix-3
  • Sika/Rawl FoilFast
  • Sika/Rawl FoilFast (fast set)
  • Sika/Rawl FoilFast FS
  • Sikadur 881 DBA
  • Sikadur DOT-SP3
  • Sikadur Injection Gel AnchorFix 3
  • Sikadur Injection Gel Fast set

Powers Fasteners, Inc.

  • Power-Fast+ Epoxy Injection Gel Fast Set Formula
  • Power-Fast + (Fast Set)
  • Power-Fast Injection Gel (Fast Set)
  • Power-Fast+ Quick Shot (Fast Set)
  • Powers Quick Shot (Fast Set)
  • Powers Rawl Injection Gel Fast Set

Newman Renner Colony, LLC. (Private Labeling of Power Fast Epoxy)

  • NRC 1000 Gold Premier Epoxy Fast Set Formula
  • NRC - FS Epoxy
  • NRC-1000 Gold (Fast Set)

Rawlplug Company, Inc.

  • Foil-Fast Epoxy Injection Gel Fast Set Formula
  • Foil Fast Epoxy Injection Gel
  • Rawl/Sika Foil Fast Set

Action Bolt & Supply, Inc. or Wurth Action Bolt & Tool Co. (Private Labeling of Power Fast Epoxy)

  • Action Bolt A1000 FS
  • Action Bolt A1000 QS (Fast Set)
  • Action Bolt A1000 Quick Shot (Fast Set)

Allied Tool and Fastener (Private Labeling of Power Fast Epoxy)

  • Allied A-1000 (Fast Set)
  • Allied Gold (A-1000) (Fast Set)
  • A-1000 (Fast Set)
  • Allied Gold A-100 (Fast Set)

All Construction Fastening Systems, FL (Private label of Power Fast Epoxy)

  • ACFS A-1000 (Fast Set)

Additional Private Labelings of Power Fast Epoxy

  • Hillman Power Fast + Quick Shot (Fast Set)
  • R-Kex FS (Rawl UK)

Private labeling by Sika of AnchorFix 3

  • Tamms Anchor Gel
  • Tamms Rapid Set Epoxy Gel

Also the following foreign sold adhesives are suspected:

  • Sika Scellement Epoxy (Europe)
  • PowerFast PLUS (Australia)
Updated: 01/18/2018
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