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Heat Straightening Repair for Damaged Steel Bridges

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Why you should take a look at the Heat Straightening CD ROM*

State DOT's have been hesitant to use heat straightening since the process has not been well documented, and, many times, practitioners have not been thoroughly trained--until now. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has just developed a CD that demonstrates that heat-straightening repair can be used effectively and also shows its advantages over existing repair techniques. Heat straightening is an economical approach for many damage cases.

The CD ROM was prepared with you in mind. If you are a state highway engineer, fabricator, or consultant, the interactive Heat Straightening CD ROM can give you important information about the heat straightening technique and its correct practice.

*This CD ROM is only available to the workshop participants

Get specialized training with the demonstration project

If you want to intensify your training on heat straightening, ask for the two-day seminar using numerous training materials. State DOT personnel and industry partners who take the training will have the knowledge to implement and use the heat straightening technique. The training program provides the following information:

  1. An overview of heat straightening.
  2. How to conduct various heating patterns.
  3. How to repair various damage types.
  4. How to inspect and supervise repairs.
  5. How to estimate the time required to straighten a beam.
  6. How to set up technical specifications.
  7. A case study illustrating the step-by-step approach to heat straightening.

For more details about the heat straightening process, ask for FHWA's flier on this topic.

To arrange training, contact your state FHWA division bridge engineer. You may also contact the FHWA Headquarters office for information.

Updated: 06/27/2017
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