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Heat Straightening Repair for Damaged Steel Bridges

Requirements for Two Day Seminar

This demonstration is intended to acquaint both the engineer and technician with the techniques of repairing damaged steel bridges using heat-straightening procedures. The attendees will be provided with a series of training aids including a video, Technical Manual and two interactive CD's. These training aids will be demonstrated as part of the seminar. The demonstration will consist of 1-1/2 days of classroom instruction and ½ day of hands-on demonstrations in the shop or lab.

Facility Requirements

The first 1½ days of the demonstration will be conducted using video and computer projection equipment. The size of the room will be dependent upon the expected number of attendees. A practical limit would be around 40-50 people. The room should have a large screen and power outlets for connecting the equipment.

The last ½ day will involve a demonstration of the basic heating techniques. Space in a shop or lab will be required with enough room for the attendees to gather around a work table.

Equipment Requirements

Projection related equipment

A computer, power point projector and sound system will be provided by the presentation team. The following equipment should be provided by the host:

  1. Large Screen
  2. Extension chords
  3. VCR capable of playing standard VHS video tape
  4. Back-up computer with the following requirements:
    • PC Pentium II processor with at least 266 MHz
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Windows 95, 98 or NT
    • 128 MB RAM
    • Keyboard
    • Monitor
    • Matrox Millennium II Video card
    • 6.4 GB hard drive
    • Mouse
    • Sound upgrade
    • Speakers

Demonstration Equipment

The presentation team will provide most of the equipment for the demonstration. This equipment will be shipped to the seminar site in advance. The following will be needed for the shop or laboratory demonstration:

  1. Name, shipping address, Fax and Phone number of person responsible for receiving the 650 lb. box of equipment
  2. A work table with a surface of 3'x5' or larger
  3. A set of oxygen-acetylene fuel tanks with regulator, hoses, Mixing nozzle, and heating tips (in the size range between 5 and 8)
  4. Several pairs of gloves and tinted glasses
  5. Extension chord for sound system
Updated: 06/27/2017
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