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Bridges & Structures

Comprehensive Design Example for Prestressed Concrete (PSC) Girder Superstructure Bridge

3. Flow Charts

Intermediate Bent Design Flow Chart Text

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  1. Generate the loads applied to the intermediate bent components. (Design Step 7.2.1)
  2. Determine maximum loads transferred from the superstructure
  3. Analyze the pier cap. Determine the locations of maximum positive moment, negative moment and shear (Design Step 7.2.2)
  4. Design flexural and shear reinforcement in the pier cap
  5. Check limits of reinforcement (S5.7.3.3)
  6. Check flexural reinforcement distribution (S5.7.3.4)
  7. Check minimum temperature and shrinkage steel (S5.10.8) (Design Step
  8. Check skin reinforcement in components where de exceeds 3.0 ft. (S5.7.3.4) (Design Step
  9. Design the columns. Determine the maximum moments and shears in the column (Design Step 7.2.3)
  10. Check limits for reinforcement in compression members (S5.7.4.2)
  11. Develop the column interaction curve
  12. Check slenderness provisions for concrete columns (S5.7.4.3) (Design Step
  13. Determine transverse reinforcement for a compressive member (S5.10.6) (Design Step
  14. Design the footing. Determine applied moments and shears transmitted from the columns (Design Step 7.2.4)
  15. Check flexural resistance (S5.7.3.2) (Design Step
  16. Check maximum and minimum reinforcement (S5.7.3.3) (Design Step
  17. Check distribution of reinforcement for cracking in the concrete (S5.7.3.4) (Design Step
  18. Design footing for maximum shear in the longitudinal and transverse directions (one-way shear and punching (two-way) shear) (Design Step
  19. Foundation soil resistance at the Strength Limit State (S10.6.3) (Design Step


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Updated: 06/27/2017
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