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Civil Rights

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Organizational Listing

Associate Administrator:
Irene Rico

Title Name E-Mail
Staff Assistant Juanita Patrick Juanita.Patrick@dot.gov
Chief Operating Officer Vacant  
Operations Team
Strategic Operations Coordinator Darren Brown Darren.Brown@dot.gov
EEO Program Manager Nikisha Pickett Nikisha.Pickett@dot.gov
Disability Program Manager Kirsten Poston Kirsten.Poston@dot.gov
ADA  Program
Acting ADA Team Leader Sharon Field Sharon.Field@dot.gov
ADA Complaints Investigations Program Analyst Rhoda Cannon Rhoda.Cannon@dot.gov
ADA Complaints Investigations Program Analyst Maria Thomas Maria.Thomas@dot.gov
ADA Complaints Investigations Program Analyst Pamela Woodruff Pamela.Woodruff@dot.gov
ADA Complaints Investigations Program Analyst Betzy Morales Betzaida.Morales@dot.gov
DBE and Contractor Compliance
DBE Program Team Leader Martha Kenley Martha.Kenley@dot.gov
DBE/Contractor Compliance Program Analyst David Pinckney David.Pinckney@dot.gov
DBE/Contractor Compliance Program Analyst David Chandler David.Chandler@dot.gov
DBE/Contractor Compliance Program Analyst Christine Thorkildsen Christine.Thorkildsen@dot.gov
DBE/Support Services Detail Assignment Stephanie James Stephanie.James@dot.gov
Title VI Program
Title VI Program Team Leader Nichole McWhorter Nichole.Mcwhorter@dot.gov
National Title VI Program Coordinator Kevin Resler Kevin.Resler@dot.gov
Title VI Complaint Investigations Detail Assignment Kara Hogan Kara.Hogan@dot.gov
Title VI Data Analysis Program Analyst Erich Hines Erich.Hines@dot.gov

* Team members currently on rotational assignments.

DBE = Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
DBE/SS = Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Supportive Services
EEO = Equal Employment Opportunity
ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act


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