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Civil Rights

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FHWA Office of Civil Rights


Subject: INFORMATION: Civil Rights Policy Statement Date: October 10, 2017
From: Brandye L. Hendrickson
Acting Administrator
Signed: Brandyne L. Hendrickson
In Reply Refer to: HCR-10
To: Associate Administrators
Chief Counsel
Chief Financial Officer
Director, Innovative Program Delivery
Directors of Field Services
Federal Lands Highway Division Engineers
Director of Technical Services
Division Administrators
Assistant Division Administrators

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The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) demonstrates everyday its ability to provide leadership and oversight for the construction and operation of the world's most extensive network of public highways. Since our decisions affect the daily lives of all Americans, they must be free of bias.

As the FHWA leaders, we are firmly committed to ensuring compliance with civil rights and equal employment requirements for everyone regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability. There is no principle more important than fair and equitable treatment in the workplace and in the delivery of our programs, activities, and services.

As public servants, we must comply with every aspect of our Nation's civil rights laws. We charge each FHWA employee to ensure nondiscrimination and equal employment opportunity requirements are honored. Where discrimination is found, we will take the necessary corrective action.

The FHWA is dedicated to providing support and technical assistance to our partners, recipients, sub-recipients, and contractors, who share our obligation to prevent discrimination and ensure equal opportunity. Efforts to prevent discrimination must address each program, activity, and service: (1) their benefits and impacts to the community, recipients, and the traveling public and (2) contracting, employment, and training opportunities.

With your commitment and contributions, we are confident that we, along with our partners, will continue to promote equal opportunity and nondiscrimination through our leadership, decisions, and examples. Using our collective best efforts, we can reach new heights, and create a better workplace for all of our employees while delivering our programs and services to all people in a nondiscriminatory manner. Let this continue to be our passion and vision for FHWA.

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