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Special Federal-aid Funding


2012 Discretionary Grant Program Fact Sheets

Ferry Boat Discretionary (FBD) Program

Description: The Ferry Boat Discretionary (FBD) supports the construction of ferry boats and ferry terminal facilities.

Entities Eligible to Apply for Funding: States, ferry systems, and other public entities responsible for developing ferry facilities are eligible for FBD discretionary grants.

Amount of funds awarded $41,072,988

Amount of funds requested: $125,782,560

Number of applications received: 75

Number of applications selected: 40

State Project Description Funding Amount
AK Alaska Marine Highway-Motor Vessel (M/V) Tustumena Marine Sanitation Device Upgrade This project will provide significant upgrades to the Marine Sanitation Device System on board the M/V Tustumena to meet the sanitary discharge requirements of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Regulations and comply with the Best Practices Assurance Program for its 750 nautical mile ferry route. $675,000
AK Cold Bay Dock Rehabilitation This project will rehabilitate the docking facility to improve the overall structure and longevity of the dock to maintain the critical access ferry route in Southcentral Alaska. $386,442
AL Fort Morgan Dock Dolphin Structure Upgrades The new system will significantly improve safety and reduce maintenance cost through various docking and mooring improvements. $400,000
AL Fort Morgan Terminal Improvement This project will improve parking lot lighting at the Fort Morgan Terminal in Mobile Bay. $60,000
CA Construction of the Treasure Island Ferry Terminal, San Francisco This project will construct the Treasure Island Ferry Terminal in conjunction with the redevelopment of Naval Station Treasure Island (NSTI), a former military base. $3,000,000
CA Cabrillo Mole Ferry Terminal Rehabilitation This project will rehabilitate the Cabrillo Mole Ferry Terminal, which was weakened by storm activity, to facilitate expansion of the facility and add new shelters for passengers. $2,400,000
CA Ferry Terminal-Passenger Access Improvements, Sausalito This project will enhance the shoreside ferry passenger terminal and complement the improvements planned for the waterside float and access improvements. $2,400,000
CT Rocky Hill/Glastonbury Ferry Terminal Improvements This project will improve parking, restrooms and administrative space in the terminal. $788,724
FL Kissimmee Ferry Boat Facilities on Lake Toho Improvements This project will build new docking facilities and repair existing ones. $150,000
IL Kampville Ferry Push Boat and Transport Barge These funds will purchase a new boat and 21-vehicle transport barge. $3,200,000
LA M/V Sen. Alvin T. Stumpf – Vessel Drive Improvements in New Orleans This project will replace decades-old engines on the Alvin T. Stumpf ferry. $965,000
LA M/V Capt. Neville Levy Vessel Improvements in New Orleans This project will repower the vessel's main engines, replace its propellers and replace its tail shafts. $965,000
LA Hydraulic Ramps Replacement for the Lower Algiers/Chalmette Ferry Crossing and Algiers Point/Canal St. Crossing This project will replace hydraulic ramps with rolling gates on four vessels including the M/V Capt. Neville Levy, M/V Sen. Alvin T. Stumpf, M/V Thomas Jefferson, and M/V Louis B. Porterie in New Orleans. $400,000
LA CCCD Ferry Vessel and Terminal/Landing Technology Upgrades in New Orleans This project will add security cameras, upgrade automated vehicle and passenger counting systems, make software improvements, install and climate control systems. $158,000
LA White Castle Ferry Mooring Upgrades This project will modify the existing landing barges and convert the mooring systems from manual operation to electronic controls at both landings. $260,000
MA Blossom Street Waterfront Facility - Phase III in Lynn This project will fund the final phase of an effort to develop an ADA-accessible float system for passenger vessels by improving lighting and security surveillance and providing adequate vessel docking for safe and secure boarding. $2,145,000
MA Boston Inner Harbor Ferry Investment These funds will purchase two inner harbor passenger vessels to initiate new ferry service between the East Boston, South Boston, and the Charlestown waterfront districts. $1,280,000
ME Casco Bay Island Transit District Replacement Vessel Construction in Portland This project will build a new ferry capable of carrying nearly 400 passengers. $1,200,000
ME Frenchboro Transfer Bridge Replacement and Pier Rehabilitation This Maine State Ferry Service project will design and construct a new ferry berthing system, transfer bridge, fender system, and will rehabilitate the pier. $1,200,000
MO New Bourbon Ferry Terminal Improvements This project will provide new and expanded docking areas to improve safety and accessibility. $148,800
MS Kings Point Ferry Boat and Barge Improvements This project will replace existing boat motors and other upgrades to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. $160,000
NJ Cape May - Lewes Ferry Terminal Improvements This project will replace various dock and mooring structures. $880,000
NY Staten Island Ferry Maintenance Facility Pier Utilities Upgrade This project will improve docking facilities including upgrading utility hook-ups to facilitate new technology on new vessels. $2,400,000
NY Completion of Glen Cove Ferry Terminal Building, Phase II This project will begin the final phase of construction for a terminal needed to start a new ferry operation. $875,971
NY Battery Maritime Building, Slip 6 Rehabilitation This project will rehabilitate the Slip 6 lift bridge at the Battery Maritime Building in lower Manhattan. $3,000,000
OR Canby Ferry Rehabilitation Overland Transport This project will provide for vessel transportation around closed locks to complete the overall project. $400,000
PA Pittsburgh Water Taxi These funds will help acquire vessels and establish publicly owned service. $559,614
TN Beale Street Landing Water Taxi and Dock Connections These funds will purchase two water taxis and design and construct docking connections at points along Mud Island and in Wolf River Harbor. $800,000
TX Port Aransas Ferry Terminal Improvements This project will install new mooring and docking system to facilitate a new larger vessel. $1,772,237
UT Lake Powell Ferry Crossing Improvements This project will install variable message signs to provide early notification to passengers of the operating status of the ferry. $120,000
VA Elizabeth River Ferry Improvements in Portsmouth These funds will acquire a new vessel, make dock improvements and rehabilitate other vessels. $1,797,600
VA Merry Point Ferry Dock and Traveler Information Improvements This project will replace docks on both sides of river and install warning signs in Lancaster County . $140,000
VA Sunnybank Ferry Dock and Traveler Information Improvements This project will replace docks on both sides of the river and install warning signs in Northumberland County. $140,000
WA Gooseberry Point Ferry Terminal Improvements This project will improve docking and mooring improvements, including reconstructing wingwalls, which help guide ferries safely to the dock at Gooseberry Point. $400,000
WA Lopez Terminal Trestle Pavement Rehabilitation This project will rehabilitate dock and pavement near the Lopez Terminal Trestle. $600,000
WA Washington State Ferries Vessel Renovations This project will provide new power assemblies and boiler burners which will improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions on up to seven vessels King, Kitsap, San Juan and Skagit Counties. $2,000,000
WA Visual Paging System - 10 Terminals This project will create an announcement system using display screens to keep hearing-impaired passengers informed in King, Pierce, Thurston Island, San Juan, Skagit and Snohomish Counties. $700,000
WA MV Yakima and Kaleetan PA System and General Alarm This project will replace the public announcement and general alarm systems, keeping them in compliance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations. $900,000
WA Skagit County Guemes Ferry Dolphin Replacement This project will replace five creosote-treated dolphins with steel dolphins at the Anacortes Terminal. Dolphins serve as guiding posts for ferry vessels to make a safe approach to the landing dock. $1,200,000
WV Sistersville Ferry Vessel and Landing Improvements This project will make dock improvements and replace the vessel navigation system. $45,600
Updated: 06/27/2017
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