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2012 Discretionary Grant Program Fact Sheets

Transportation, Community and System Preservation Program (TCSP)

Description: TCSP provides grant funding for strategies that promote improved planning and coordination among transportation, community and system preservation plans. Program funds support improving the efficiency of the U.S. transportation system, reducing the environmental impacts of transportation and ensuring access to jobs, services, and centers of trade.

Entities Eligible to Apply for Funding: States, metropolitan planning organizations, local governments and tribal governments are eligible for the TCSP program.

Amount of funds awarded $52,175,125

Amount of funds requested: $792,178,141

Number of applications received: 600

Number of applications selected: 83

State Project Description Funding Amount
AL Samson Main Street Sidewalk Improvements TCSP funds will be used to replace broken sidewalks in Samson and update street lighting. $187,854
AK Winter City Pedestrian Safety and Bus Stop Improvements TCSP Program funds will improve the safety, accessibility and maintenance of Anchorage's sidewalks, bike paths and bus stops during winter months. $280,000
AZ Yuma Multimodal Transportation Center TCSP funding will allow this project to proceed to construction. Once completed, the transportation center will support several regional transit systems and contribute to the revitalization of downtown Yuma. $144,000
AR Pine Bluff Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure TCSP funds will improve Pine Bluff pedestrian and bicycle facilities, which are currently deteriorated and inadequate. $500,000
AR Sanders AvenueTrailhead Construction TCSP funds will be used to construct the Sanders Avenue Trailhead to provide bicycle and pedistraian access to the Razorback Greenway in Northwest Arkansas. $400,000
CA US 101 Smith River Regional Mobility Study TCSP funds will go toward including the Smith River Tribe and staff participation in the Oregon DOT's US 101 Corridor Plan (an integrated land use and multimodal transportation study) for the route along US 101 from Smith River, CA, to Brookings, OR. $280,000
CA Interstate 580 and State Route 84 Community-Based Transit-Oriented Development Plan TCSP funds will create a development plan to help the city of Livermore plan for local land uses and access improvements to further a planned extension of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system to Livermore. $286,000
CA Fulton Mall and Mariposa Mall Street Reconstruction TCSP funds will support preliminary engineering to upgrade access and mobility in downtown Fresno, including area surrounding the nearby high-speed rail train station, by restoring critical elements of a disconnected street grid. $1,000,000
CA Vallejo Downtown Streetscape Phase 3 This project on Sacramento Street in Vallejo will provide enhanced paving, curb extensions, pedestrian lighting, and way-finding signage. $1,150,000
CO Boulder B‐Cycle Bus Rapid Transit and Commercial Corridors Expansion Project TCSP funds will be used for the Boulder B‐Cycle Bus Rapid Transit and Commercial Corridors Expansion Project, including 10 public bike‐sharing stations and 10 bikes. $440,000
CO Denver Aerotropolis Comprehensive Transportation Plan TCSP funds will support the comprehensive transportation and land use planning process needed to develop Denver International Airport as a national transportation hub and plan the surface transportation connections needed for sustainable development. $500,000
CO North Avenue Complete Streets Project TCSP funds will revitalize a commercial corridor in the center of Grand Junction. $1,190,099
CT Torrington Downtown Streetscape TCSP funds will be used for improvements to downtown Torrington, on the east side of Main Street (from East Main Street to City Hall Avenue), to complete work currently underway on the west side of Main Street. $500,000
CT West Main Street Bridge Replacement Enhancing Pedestrian Access to Downtown Stamford and the Stamford Transportation Center TCSP funds will replace the closed 127-year old West Main Street Bridge in Stamford with a pedestrian bridge connecting the West Side neighborhood with employment, educational, recreational and transit opportunities downtown. $850,000
DC Kennedy Street Revitalization TCSP funds will help upgrade streetlights and sidewalks on Kennedy Street and improve safety at key intersections. $1,000,000
DC High Impact Complete Streets Access Improvements for Rail Station Areas in the Washington Region TCSP funds will be used to plan for improved bicycle and pedestrian access improvements near rail stations in Washington, DC to support housing and employment development. $160,000
FL Education Corridor Pompano Beach Transit Related Improvements and Transit Systems Study TCSP funds will be used for transit upgrades as well as a study to improve the transit, pedestrian and cyclist network between educational facilities. $968,948
FL Hillsborough Community College Leroy Avenue Entrance Improvements TCSP funds will be used to improve safety at the new entrance at Hillsborough College's Brandon campus in Tampa by eliminating the existing misalignment at Falkenburg Road, Leroy Avenue and Reeves Road. $602,354
FL Broward County School Zone Pedestrian Safety and Preservation Program TCSP funds will help enhance safety and system infrastructure for school speed zones and community walk and bike routes throughout Broward County. $600,000
FL Tampa Riverwalk Segment 13 TCSP funds will supplement construction of the final 1,460-foot plaza that will link completed portions of the Riverwalk. $217,750
GA Southwest Georgia Rural Information, Coordination, and Asset Preservation TCSP funds will be used to develop a coordinated public transportation model to improve trip scheduling of local transit services. $479,102
ID City of American Falls Downtown Complete Streets Project TCSP funds will construct sidewalks and bicycle lanes in downtown American Falls. $673,000
ID Garden City West Bridge TCSP funds will be used for design and construction of a bicycle and pedestrian bridge across the Boise River in Garden City. $727,600
IL South Main Street Reconstruction TCSP funds will construct new sidewalks to improve accommodations for pedestrians and upgrade South Main Street into a pedestrian friendly corridor in Columbia. $300,000
IL Oak Park Marion South Transit Gateway Project TCSP funds will add new car-sharing facilities (including an electric vehicle-charging station), enhance parking adjacent to an Oak Park area's transit station and improve pedestrian and bicycle amenities. $1,127,240
IN Sherman Minton Bridge Rehabilitation TCSP funds will help cover costs of repairing the Sherman Minton Bridge in New Albany, which was closed to traffic in September 2011 for several months following the discovery of a stress crack in its structural steel. $3,466,250
IN Indianapolis Smart Growth Redevelopment District and Strategic Transit Oriented Connectivity Program TCSP funds will be used for a transportation planning study for transit oriented connectivity within the Smart Growth Redevelopment District. $74,880
IA Improving Access, Enhancing Lives TCSP funds will help promote walking and biking and reduce local traffic to improve air quality for Dubuque's 9th Street, 11th Street and Elm Street. $600,000
KS Hiawatha Fitness and School Trail TCSP funds will be used to fund construction of a trail in the city of Hiawatha. $782,967
KY Louisville Metro Strategic Multimodal Transportation Plan TCSP funds will be used to develop a strategic multimodal transportation plan to help identify the community's future transportation needs. $600,000
KY Bluegrass Commerce Park TCSP funds will help improve an intersection by repairing two major roads in Jeffersontown's Bluegrass Commerce Park near Louisville. $477,750
LA North Boulevard Promenade TCSP funds will help construct the North Boulevard Promenade (the central section of the Baton Rouge Greenway) in Baton Rouge, a bike/pedestrian corridor linking adjacent neighborhoods. $1,144,547
ME Acadia Gateway Center Design TCSP funds will help develop final design and construction documents for an intermodal facility at the Acadia Gateway Center in Trenton. $700,000
ME Thompson's Point Road TCSP funds will be used for widening a reversible lane and adding bicycle and pedestrian facilities to the roadway in Portland. $500,000
MD Complete Streets Near Metro Stations TCSP funds will help improve pedestrian safety with crosswalks on public roadways near the Twinbrook Metro station and provide space on South Stonestreet Avenue near the Rockville Metro station for bike lanes and a sidewalk. $827,200
MD Maryland Route 5 at Brandywine Road and Maryland Route 373 Intersection Relocation Phases 2-3 TCSP funds will help acquire a portion of the right-of-way needed to widen about 4,000 feet of road, replace existing signalized intersections at Brandywine Road and MD 373 with a new interchange, and provide a park-and-ride lot for commuters. $1,000,000
MA Fairmount Corridor Business Development and Ridership Initiative TCSP funds will promote the Fairmount transit line and improve signage at the stations. $352,500
MA Passenger Rail Station Location and Design Analysis in Berkshire County TCSP funds will help to evaluate the most viable locations for six passenger rail stations in the rural area of Massachusetts' Berkshire County. $240,000
MI Ann Arbor WALLY (Washentaw and Livingston Line) Commuter Rail TCSP funds will facilitate completion of the project's early preliminary engineering and station design. $640,000
MI Michigan Flyer New I-96 Route TCSP funds will cover the first-year operating cost of the Michigan Flyer's four new roundtrips between East Lansing and the Detroit Metro Airport along the I-96 corridor. $595,680
MI Buena Vista Town Center Transportation Upgrade TCSP funds will be used to improve sidewalks and install speed bumps to support traffic calming along Buena Vista's two main commercial corridors. $500,000
MN Mississippi River Trail East Bank TCSP funds will be used to develop a .75-mile off-road bike/pedestrian trail on the Mississippi River's east bank from 8th Avenue NE to the Central Mississippi Riverfront Regional Park, under two busy river bridges in the Above the Falls Regional Park, to 16th Avenue NE at Great River Road National Scenic Byway in Minneapolis. $1,000,000
MS Mill Street Bridge on Woodrow Wilson Ave. TCSP funds will help improve safety features for motorists and pedestrians in Jackson who use the bridge and repair the deteriorated bridge to extend its useful life. $1,000,000
MO Northside Livability Initiative in St. Joseph TCSP funds will be used to create dedicated bike lanes, widen sidewalks and calm traffic on a 1.5 mile section of St. Joseph Avenue (US 59). $600,000
MO Access Improvements at St. Joseph Medical Center Employment Hub TCSP funds will help complete design and engineering for traffic improvements in the area around St. Joseph Medical Center in Kansas City. $240,000
MT Rehabilitation/Reconstruction of US 87 TCSP funds will repair 1.22 miles and reconstruct 1.64 miles of US 87 near Lewistown. $500,000
NE Pedestrian Bridge Downtown Connector TCSP funds will help the planning and construction of the Pedestrian Bridge Downtown Connector, which will improve bike/pedestrian access between downtown Omaha and Council Bluffs, IA. $500,000
NV Proposed Future Interstate and Priority Corridor TCSP funds will be used to evaluate the need for an interstate facility connecting Phoenix and Las Vegas. $1,000,000
NH Hampton Beach Transportation Enhancement Study TCSP funding will help update the transportation element of the current Hampton Beach Area Master Plan, which is currently more than 10 years old. $300,000
NJ Passaic County Morris Canal Greenway Project TCSP funds will be used to create bike lanes along the proposed Morris Canal Greenway in Clifton and Paterson. They also will help upgrade sidewalks and install informational signs at various sites along the Morris Canal Greenway. $532,566
NJ The Oranges Freeway Drive Transportation Improvement Project TCSP funds will be used to create pedestrian and bicycle linkages across I-280 and its frontage streets in Orange. $286,400
NM East Main Street Corridor Traffic Signal Improvement Project TCSP funds will help support Farmington's East Main Street Corridor Traffic Signal Improvement Project, which will increase safety at signalized intersections, improve travel time reliability and reduce traffic congestion. $400,000
NM Santa Fe County Pavement Preservation Program TCSP funds will be used to construct a pavement preservation program to evaluate pavements and provide preventative maintenance in Santa Fe. $657,488
NY Broad Street Two-Way Conversion Project TCSP funds will be used to convert Broad Street, a major street in downtown Rochester, from one-way to two-way traffic. $400,000
NY Fonda Connector Study TCSP funds will help study the proposed Fonda Connector Project in Montgomery and Fulton Counties by identifying a preferred route, performing preliminary engineering and preparing a project cost estimate. $400,000
NY I-787 Livable Corridor Planning Initiative TCSP funds will help downtown development and improve walking, biking. and transit access to the waterfront on I-787 corridor in Albany. $240,000
NC Carthage Road and Water Street Improvements Project TCSP funding will help construct bike/pedestrian lanes along I-95 to historic downtown Lumberton and improve a badly congested four-road intersection. $556,000
NC Concord Traffic Management System TCSP funds will complete a traffic management system to enhance mobility, safety, walkability, and air quality in Concord. $1,000,000
ND Roadway and Industrial Development Project TCSP funds will help construct a system of roads near an industrial park to accommodate traffic to and from manufacturing operations in Valley City. $800,000
ND Fixed Route Auto Announcement and Vehicle Location TCSP funds will help add a geographic positioning function to the Fargo fixed bus system in order to improve transit operations. $200,000
OH State Road Improvements TCSP funds will support storm water drainage improvements, new sidewalks and bike lanes in the mixed-use and industrial district of the Northampton section of Cuyahoga Falls. $1,135,000
OK Intermodal Transportation Hub Access TCSP funds will help to improve E.K. Gaylord Boulevard near the region's intermodal transportation hub in Oklahoma City. $750,000
OK Pedestrian Accessibility Improvements TCSP funds will bring existing sidewalks and curb ramps in 14 separate locations in Tulsa into full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. $525,000
OR Territorial Highway from Gillespie Corners to Lorane Corridor Plan TCSP funds will help improve road conditions and construct shoulders and bike lanes on a critical section of SH 200 in Lane County. $440,000
PA Ohio River Bike and Pedestrian Trail Phase I TCSP funds will help prepare engineering, specifications, bid documents and permits to construct a 2.5-mile segment of the Ohio River Trail between Coraopolis Borough and Moon Township in Allegheny County. $200,000
PA Chester Transportation Business Center and Historical District TCSP funds will support planning, land use, and green building assessment activities related to development of a transportation center and historical district in Chester. $1,000,000
RI Warwick Station Transit Oriented Development Economic Development Implementation Plan TCSP funds will help advance the economic development outreach for a proposed transit project in Warwick. $400,000
SC US 17 Median Consolidation Project TCSP funds will develop and implement components of the US 17 median consolidation project, which includes replacing a two-way left turn lane with a non-traversable median and creating strategically placed intersections throughout the project corridor in Georgetown County. $1,000,000
TN Donnellson Farms Parkway TCSP funding will be used for the environmental documentation and design of the complete roadway in the town of Arlington that will include a bike lane and a pedestrian sidewalk. $225,000
TX Bridge of the Americas Improvements TCSP funds will facilitate new configurations to accommodate the existing traffic around the port of entry and reduce safety and environmental impacts associated with the increasing vehicular traffic. Changes include new signage, new truck lanes and barricades. $400,000
TX Missouri Kansas Texas Trail Spur Connector TCSP funds will construct a connecting bikeway to better facilitate commuter bicyclist transportation in downtown Houston. $800,000
UT Downtown Holladay Village Livability Project TSCP Program funds will be used for right-of-way acquisition to construct Midblock Road from Laney Avenue to Murray Holladay Road in Holladay. $410,400
UT Magna Livable Streets Project TCSP funds will be used for a multiphase project to create a complete system connecting two redevelopment areas, multiple public facilities, private sector housing and commercial construction in Magna. $791,809
VT Wayfinding System TCSP funds will help improve local traffic operations and install a new system of nearly 100 maps in Burlington to help people more easily navigate. $300,000
VT Lake Street Complete Streets Conncection Project TCSP funds will be used to reconstruct sidewalks and crosswalks on Lake Street in downtown St. Albans to improve pedestrian accesillibility. $300,000
VA Walk to Downtown Vienna Initiative TCSP funds will improve local pedestrian safety by constructing sidewalks on side streets in downtown Vienna and improve access from neighborhoods to local stores and merchants. $800,000
VA Luray Main Street Bridge Rehabilitation and Repair TCSP funds will be used to repair the 78-year-old Main Street Bridge in Luray. $1,620,341
WA Vancouver Waterfront Trail TCSP funds will extend Vancouver's existing multiuse waterfront Renaissance Trail. $750,000
WA Tacoma's T-13 Corridor for Active Transportation and Safety Project TCSP funds will help construct Tacoma's longest continuous bikeway. $1,000,000
WV South Chestnut Street Slip Repairs and Widening and Realignment TCSP funds will help repair, widen and realign South Chestnut Street (from the intersection of Horner Avenue south to the intersection of Harvey Street) in Clarksburg. $1,000,000
WI Southwest Transportation Collaborative TCSP funds will help develop a multicounty intelligent transportation system to improve local access to jobs, services and trade centers while preserving existing routes in Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette and Richland counties. $158,400
WI North Central Wisconsin Regional Livability Plan TCSP funds will create a regional livability plan for ten counties in north central Wisconsin to evaluate the transportation system, identify operational and safety improvement needs, and prioritize future system projects. $200,000
WY US 85 Pedestrian Access and Safety Improvement Project in Cheyenne TCSP funds will help construct and refurbish sidewalks, crosswalks and other safety features along a one-mile segment of US 85. $291,000
Updated: 06/27/2017
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