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Special Federal-aid Funding


2012 Discretionary Grant Program Fact Sheets

Value Pricing Pilot Program (VPPP)

Description: The Value Pricing Pilot (VPP) Program supports a variety of strategies to manage congestion on highways, including tolling highway facilities through congestion pricing, as well as other methods that do not involve tolls, such as mileage-based car insurance and parking pricing.

Entities Eligible to Apply for Funding: States, local governments, and public authorities are eligible to apply for funding under the VPPP.

Amount of funds awarded: $12,105,223

Amount of funds requested: $25,000,000

Number of applications received: 23

Number of applications selected: 18

State Project Description Funding Amount
CA Treasure Island Mobility Management study This project will plan and design cordon pricing, which is a congestion-based peak-period charge, to encourage alternative modes of travel to and from the Island. Revenues will fund a transit circulator, ferry services and bicycle and pedestrian amenities. $480,000
CA Contra Costa I-80 tolled-corridor real-time ridesharing The project will deploy real-time ridesharing in a corridor with casual carpooling. It will provide additional incentives to form carpools in real time to take advantage of the I-80 discounted carpool tolls. $322,400
CA San Diego pricing incentives for one-way electric car sharing Working with the city of San Diego and researchers from the University of California at Berkeley, this project will test and evaluate a variety of pricing incentives, including credits for free vehicle use, to distribute vehicles in a one-way electric vehicle sharing system that would encourage other modes of travel when a car is only needed for one leg of a multi-leg trip. $440,653
CA San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission Regional Parking Pricing Analysis Tool This proposal creates a regional parking database that will allow localities to analyze the effects of various parking pricing scenarios designed to encourage transit and other alternative travel in the Bay Area. $560,000
CA Parking Pricing Enhancement Study in San Francisco This two-part project will study and assess options for implementing a residential parking pricing pilot and develop transferable technical specifications for SF park, which would help other cities implement similar programs. $420,000
CA SR 237 Express Lanes Extension in San Jose The project will convert the remaining four miles of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes on SR 237 to high-occupancy toll (HOT) express lanes with continuous access. Pricing will provide users free-flowing travel. $1,600,000
CA Performance parking system implementation in Los Angeles This project will install sensors to monitor occupancy and adjust prices for 543 on-street parking spaces and 366 off-street parking spaces in order to reduce emissions while searching for parking. $600,272
DC Multimodal, dynamic parking pricing in downtown Washington, DC This project will implement dynamic pricing and a reservation system for commercial vehicle parking to manage metered curb-side spaces in the congested downtown business district and tourist areas. It will encourage freight travel at off-peak times and enable tour bus operators to find parking, as well as use parking revenues to support transit services. $1,090,000
FL Integrated Congestion Pricing Planning--Phase Three The project will develop a comprehensive plan, undertaken by the Florida Toll Enterprise in collaboration with the Florida DOT, to implement and evaluate peak period congestion pricing in order to provide travel options that encourage the use of alternate transportation statewide. $400,000
FL Regional Congestion Pricing Study in Orlando This regional study will support the evaluation of pricing strategies that would, if subsequently implemented, improve infrastructure efficiency and environmental sustainability as part of the Orlando Metropolitan Area's long-range plan. $350,000
IL Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Pilot Project This project will explore the use of private vehicles rented by owners on an hourly basis as a strategy to increase consumer commuting choice in combination with traditional car sharing in Chicago, called I-Go Car Share. Its goal is to reduce vehicle ownership by offering more vehicles at different price points in neighborhoods already served by carsharing and also expand carsharing into new neighborhoods. $715,118
MA Kendall Square Employer Transportation Benefit Pricing Trail The city of Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will evaluate the effectiveness of a range of current parking pricing strategies used by area employers and provide financial incentives to deploy and evaluate additional new strategies. $743,872
MN I-35E MnPass Managed Lane Extension Study This study will evaluate innovative managed lane concepts on I-35E by extending the existing HOT lane four miles and assessing the conversion of an existing general purpose lane into a HOT lane. $605,000
NY DriveSmart New York City The project will recruit employers to enroll their employees in a program to add technology to their personal vehicles that would deploy usage-based charges in exchange for reduced fixed driving charges and driver-added services. $1,000,000
NY ParkSmart New York City The project continues the work of a previous pilot to introduce higher on-street meter rates during peak times in select neighborhoods to support retail areas by increasing vehicle turnover and allowing more vehicles to access on-street parking. It offers tailored pricing strategies in up to 25 new neighborhood retail corridors to reflect parking demand and will reduce congestion caused by double-parked and circling cars. $950,000
TX Austin-area real-time carpooling automated toll discounts This innovative project will deploy real-time ridesharing, facilitated by technology and incentives, and will link dynamic ridesharing and tolling systems, automatically providing participants sharing rides with a toll discount. $764,008
WA King County Park-and-Ride Pricing in Multi-Family Developments To address a regional shortage in parking spaces at park and ride facilitates, the project will facilitate the paid use of parking spaces that are vacated during the day in multifamily neighborhoods along transit routes in the Seattle area, thereby allowing more use of public transit. $543,900
WA Express Toll lanes Continuous Access Demonstration This project introduces continuous-access priced lanes, which allows paying customers to access HOT lanes from the general purpose lanes at any point for a fee. $520,000
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