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Publications for this functional area are listed below.

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Testing Compilation and Analysis of Cyclic Triaxial Test Data, Final Report  1977  FHWA-RD-77-129  PB-281951   
Testing Cone Penetrometer Test  1991  FHWA-SA-91-043  PB92-178524   
Subsurface Exploration Data Processing Applied to Site Characterization  1982  FHWA-RD-82-049  PB83-148726   
Subsurface Exploration Detection of Subsurface Cavities by Surface Remote Sensing Techniques  1975  FHWA-RD-75-80  PB-253379   
Testing Determination of Consistency Characteristics of Soils  1977  FHWA-RD-77-101  PB-277465   
Testing Determination of Horizontal Stress in Soils  1981  FHWA-RD-81-118  PB82-117789   
Testing Determination of the in Situ Permeability of Base and Subbase Courses  1979  FHWA-RD-79-88  PB-300908   
Testing Determination of the In Situ State of Stress of Soil Masses  1974  FHWA-RD-74-68  PB-242710   
Subsurface Exploration Development of Airborne Electromagnetic Survey Instrumentation and Application to the Search for Buried Sand and Gravel, Summary Report  1977  FHWA-RD-77-35  PB-271331   
Testing Dynamic Testing of Slotted Underdrain Pipe  1979  FHWA-RD-79-501  PB80-120090   
Testing Evaluation of Self-boring Pressuremeter Tests in Boston Blue Clay, Interim Report  1980  FHWA-RD-80-052  PB81-154361   
Miscellaneous FHWA Checklist and Guidelines for Review of Geotechnical Reports and Preliminary Plans and Specifications  2003  FHWA-ED-88-053    View PDF (0.2 mb)
Testing Flat Dilatometer Test  1991  FHWA-SA-91-044  PB92-177120   
GEC Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. 14 - Assuring Quality in Geotechnical Reporting Documents  2016  FHWA-HIF-17-016    View PDF (2 mb)
GEC Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. 5 - Evaluation of Soil and Rock Properties  2002  FHWA-IF-02-034     
GEC Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. 5 - Geotechnical Site Characterization  2016  FHWA-NHI-16-072    View PDF (32 mb)
Miscellaneous Geotechnical Instrumentation  1998  FHWA-HI-98-034     
Testing Geotechnical Risk Analysis: A Users Guide  1987  FHWA-RD-87-111     
Testing Geotechnical Risk and Reliability: The State of the Art  1987  FHWA-RD-87-110     
Geotechnical Notebook Issuances GT-15 - Geotechnical Differing Site Conditions    FHWA-1996    View PDF (0.2 mb)
Testing Pressuremeter Test for Highway Applications  1989  FHWA-IP-89-008     
Subsurface Exploration Sensing Systems for Measuring Mechanical Properties in Ground Masses  1981       
Miscellaneous Soils and Foundations Reference Manual - Volume I  2006  FHWA-NHI-06-088    View PDF (10 mb)
Miscellaneous Soils and Foundations Reference Manual - Volume II  2006  FHWA-NHI-06-089    View PDF (13 mb)
Miscellaneous Soils and Foundations Workshop Manual  2000  FHWA-NHI-00-045     
Subsurface Exploration Subsurface Investigations - Geotechnical Site Characterization Reference Manual for NHI 132031  2001  FHWA-NHI-01-031    View PDF (32 mb)
Subsurface Exploration Training Course in Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering: Subsurface Investigations - Participants Manual  1997  FHWA-HI-97-021    View PDF (33 mb)
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