Innovations for a Nation on the Move
FHWA launches Every Day Counts round six

The Federal Highway Administration kicked off round six of the Every Day Counts (EDC-6) program with a Virtual Summit introducing the ready-to-deploy innovations the agency is promoting in 2021 and 2022.

EDC-6 features strategies to enhance engagement with the people who build and use the transportation infrastructure, products to save money on preserving and repairing bridges and roads, and processes to save time on project delivery and incident management. EDC-6 teams are ready to provide technical assistance and training to facilitate adoption of seven innovations:

Crowdsourcing for advancing operations helps agencies apply crowdsourced data integrated from multiple streams to optimize roadway use for reduced congestion and increased safety and reliability.

e-Ticketing and digital as-builts improve the tracking, exchange, and archiving of materials tickets and enhance the future usability of as-built plans for operations, maintenance, and asset management, which can result in increased project safety and quality.

EDC-6 Virtual Summit website screenshotEDC-6 Virtual Summit content is available for on-demand viewing through December 2021. Register for the event and click on the Auditorium button to watch EDC-6 presentations and the EDC Exhibit Hall button to access virtual exhibit booths on EDC innovations.

Virtual public involvement supplements face-to-face information sharing with technology platforms that increase the variety of methods agencies use to inform the public, encourage participation, and receive input on transportation project planning and development.

Next-generation traffic incident management offers new tools, data, and training mechanisms that can help State and local agencies shorten the duration and impact of roadway incidents and enhance safety for motorists, crash victims, and responders.

As the demand for highway construction, maintenance, and operations workers grows, strategic workforce development strategies help the transportation community identify, train, and place workers in jobs that support the Nation’s highway system.

Targeted overlay pavement solutions for asphalt and concrete pavements can improve performance, lessen traffic impacts, and reduce the cost of pavement ownership, helping agencies maximize their investment and ensuring safer, longer lasting roadways.

When used in bridge preservation and repair applications, ultra-high performance concrete offers superior strength, enhanced performance, and improved life-cycle cost over traditional methods.