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Credit: FHWA
Two lane road with middle turn lanes

Crash Responder Safety Week

An Opportunity to Promote Roadway Safety

Nearly every week, a traffic incident responder is killed while clearing a roadway incident, while many more sustain life-changing injuries. These secondary crashes place a high toll on response communities, and they endanger road users.

Crash Responder Safety Week (CRSW) is a national effort to spotlight safe strategies that responder communities and travelers can apply around traffic incidents. This year, CRSW takes place November 8–14, 2021. To learn how your agency can use CRSW to promote road safety, please visit the FHWA CRSW Campaign Toolkit and the National Operations Center of Excellence CRSW website, or contact Jim Austrich, the FHWA Next-Generation TIM co-lead.

Crash Responder Safety Week. Show your support: #CRSW. November 8–14, 2021. A white truck with yellow and red diagonal stripes and lights on the back and a directional arrow on its roof sits behind a police car with red and blue lights activated. The police car sits diagonally behind a white car stopped on the roadway shoulder.

Crash Responder Safety Week
Show your support #CRSW - November 8–14, 2021

Credit: Florida Department of Transportation

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