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Office of Innovative Program Delivery

SEP-16 /


SEP-16 Letter of Interest - Template

From: [State] DOT

To: [State] FHWA Division Office

Subject: SEP-16 Letter of Interest - [Proposed program-level authorities requested for delegation under SEP-16]

Under the FHWA established Special Experimental Project (SEP-16) authority granted in 23 U.S.C. 502(b) to test and evaluate the delegation of program-level responsibilities of the Federal-aid highway program to States, [State] DOT is submitting a Letter of Interest to request delegation of [program-level action being requested] in an experimental capacity.


The SEP-16 Letter of Interest should present a short narrative that describes the State DOT's proposed use of SEP-16 and provides a basis for FHWA's preliminary determination whether the proposal falls within the scope of 23 U.S.C. 502(b) and would be appropriate for SEP-16. The Letter of Interest should include the following:

  1. Brief, high-level description of the proposed program-level proposal (i.e., which FHWA program-level actions the State DOT wants to assume);
  2. Reasoning for wanting to assume the program-level authorities, including the anticipated improvements to program delivery (ideally, the letter will quantify the anticipated resulting improvements in terms of program administration time, project time and/or cost savings);
  3. Reference the applicable Title 23 program and the specific legal authority(ies) relating to the action being requested for experimental delegation, and identify FHWA policy or guidance the State DOT believes to be applicable to the action;
  4. Describe specific examples, if any, that demonstrate the State DOT's experience with project and/or program-level delegation in the affected program area(s); and
  5. Describe the level of collaboration conducted so far with relevant FHWA Division or Program Offices about this proposal.]
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