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Section I: Motor Fuel

Important Information

Note: "Published" indicates the originally published data as printed and first put on this webpage. The Updated, if any, includes the latest update since original release due to modifications by State resubmittals, etc. The data on this page is being supplied in .HTM, .PDF, and Microsoft Excel 2000 .XLS files. We put the originally published and Updated on this page for users to keep track of the sequence of changes (if any).

Analysis of motor-fuel use:

Table/Chart Published Updated
Motor-fuel use (Table MF-21) mf21.pdf (68 KB) mf21.xls (176 KB)      
Nonhighway use of gasoline (Table MF-24) mf24.pdf (58 KB) mf24.xls (43 KB)      
Monthly gasoline reported by States (Table MF-33GA) mf33ga.pdf (52 KB) mf33ga.xls (54 KB)      
Estimated use of gasohol (Table MF-33E) mf33e.pdf (50 KB) mf33e.xls (39 KB)      
Special fuel as a percent of total highway use of motor fuel (Chart) pnt-chrt.pdf (43 KB) pnt-chrt.xls (34 KB)      

Rates and revenues:

Table/Chart Published Updated
Motor-fuel volume taxed by States(Table MF-2) mf2.pdf (65 KB) mf2.xls (186 KB)      
State tax rates on motor fuel (Table MF-121T) mf121t.pdf (95 KB) mf121t.xls (84 KB)      
State motor-fuel taxes and related receipts (Table MF-1) mf1.pdf (53 KB) mf1.xls (48 KB)      
Disposition of State motor-fuel tax receipts (Table MF-3) mf3.pdf (65 KB) mf3.xls (56 KB)      
State tax rates on motor fuel 1983-1998 (Table MF-205) mf205.pdf (88 KB) mf205.xls (80 KB) 3/26/2002 mf205r1.pdf (83kb) mf205r1.xls (88kb)
Federal excise taxes on highway motor fuel (Table FE-21B) fe21b.pdf (49 KB) fe21b.xls (38 KB)      

If you have specific questions regarding motor fuel, email us or phone (202) 366-0170.

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