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Asset Management

Use of PMS Data for Performance Monitoring with Superpave as an Example

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
    2.1. General
    2.2. Objectives and Scope
    2.3. Project Team, Methodology, Activities and Time Frame
  3. Database Requirements
    3.1. General
    3.2. Classes of Data Required
    3.3. The Importance of Construction and Maintenance History Data
    3.4. The Importance and Consistency of Pavement Evaluation Data
    3.5. Data Integration and Centralization
  4. Characteristics of PMS Databases - Ideal and Actual
    4.1. Details of a Desirable Network Level Database
    4.2. Network PMS Databases in Actual Practice
    4.3. Desirable Project Level Database
    4.4. Actual Project Level Data Collection in Example States
    4.5. Desirable Research Level Database Details
    4.6. Actual Research Level Databases
  5. DOT Reporting Techniques on Materials and Construction, Actual Versus Ideal
    5.1. Actual Situation
    5.2. Ideal Situation
  6. Concepts for Linking PMS and Materials and Construction Databases to Performance Evaluation
    6.1 Current Situation
    6.2 Concept for Linking Databases
    6.3. Practical Implementation of Data Linking
  7. Specific Requirements for Linking Databases (With Superpave as Example)
    7.1. General Requirements
    7.2. Performance Evaluation Data
    7.3. Environmental and Traffic Data
    7.4. Materials Data
    7.5. Construction and QC/QA Data
    7.6. Examples for Superpave Mix Performance Monitoring
  8. Examples of Performance Plots of Superpave Provided by Various State DOTS
    8.1. General
    8.2. Superpave in Maryland
    8.3. Superpave in Indiana
    8.4. Superpave in Florida
    8.5. Superpave in Arizona
    8.6. Superpave in Washington State
    8.7. Examples of Performance Plots
  9. Phase 2 - Pathfinder Study in Maryland
    9.1. General
    9.2. Collecting Data and Conversion to Electronic Format
    9.3. Setting up Database in modified UW Web-site System
    9.4. Demonstration of Capabilities of Web-site System of UW
  10. Other Examples of Using PMS Data in Performance Monitoring
    10.1. AASHTO Pavement Design Guide 2002
    10.2. Asphalt Pavement Examples
    10.3. Example Uses of PMS Data for PCC Pavements
  11. Conclusions, Findings and Recommendations
    11.1 Conclusions
    11.2 Findings
    11.3 Recommendations
  12. References
  13. Acknowledgements

Appendices (Located in Vol. 2)

  • APPENDIX A - Questions Discussed With State DOTs
  • APPENDIX B - Visit Reports to Maryland, Indiana, Florida, Arizona and Washington State DOTs
  • APPENDIX C - Linking Superpave Materials Data to PMS Performance Data
  • APPENDIX D - Superpave Performance Monitoring Data From Five DOTs
  • APPENDIX E - Review Meeting With the FHWA In Washington, D.C.
  • APPENDIX F - Website of UW And WSDOT With Superpave Information
  • APPENDIX G - Notes On Meetings During Phase 2 - 8/2001 - 1/2002
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