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1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590

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1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
Washington, D.C. 20590
Fax Number: 202-493-2070

Pavement Materials

Name Title Routing Code Telephone Location
Timothy Aschenbrener Senior Asphalt Engineer HICP-40 720-963-3247 CO Div. Office
Josh Brinegar* Concrete Technologist–Mobile Concrete Technology Center HICP-40 931-698-3135 E73-105B
Richard Duval Asphalt Materials & Pavement Performance Engineer HICP-40 202-515-1030 Remote
Nelson Gibson Low Carbon Transportation Materials Program Manager HICP-40 202-366-1326 E73-440
Jagan Gudimettla* Project Manager–Mobile Concrete Technology Center HICP-40 202-366-1335 E73-105C
Michael Huner* Mobile Asphalt Technology Center Project Manager HICP-40 202-366-6606 E73-105D
Leslie Myers Senior Asphalt Pavement Engineer HICP-40 202-981-2875 Remote
Mike Praul Senior Concrete Engineer HICP-40 207-512-4917 ME Div. Office
Robert Spragg Concrete Materials Engineer HICP-40 202-366-0120 E73-469
Mark Swanlund Transportation Engineer HICP-40 771-216-6047 Remote
Ram Kumar Veeraragavan* MATC Project Engineer HICP-40 202-366-0484 E73-105E
Gina Ahlstrom Team Leader HICP-40 202-366-4612 E75-332

Pavement Design and Performance

Name Title Routing Code Telephone Location
Migdalia Carrion Sustainable Pavements Program Manager HICP-50 787-771-2515 PR Div. Office
Brian Dobling Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) / Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) Technical Specialist HICP-50 720-963-3032 CO Div. Office
Austin Jarrell** Resilient & Sustainable Pavements Intern HICP-50 Remote
Christy Poon-Atkins Pavement Management Engineer HICP-50 678-517-5979 Remote
Thomas Van Pavement Preservation Program Manager HICP-50 202-366-1341 E73-458
Jeff Withee Quality Assurance Program Manager HICP-50 202-366-6429 E73-461
Tom Yu Pavement Design Program Manager HICP-50 202-366-1198 E73-444
Yunpeng Zhao* Sustainable Pavements Research Engineer HICP-50 202-366-3982 E73-463
LaToya Johnson Team Leader HICP-50 202-366-0479 E75-334

* Contractor
** Intern/Rotational
*** Developmental Assignment
**** Shared Resource

Updated: 09/09/2021
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