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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
Coordinating, Developing, and Delivering Highway Transportation Innovations

This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-RD-03-085
Date: September 2003

Office of Research, Development, and Technology Fiscal Year 2004/2005 Performance Plan

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FY 2004/2005 Services

TFHRC library
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Technical Services

Service Description
Bridge Forensic and Specialized Engineering Services
The Bridge and Structural Teams have unique technical expertise in coating systems, corrosion protection, composite materials, HPS and HPC, structural dynamics, seismic engineering, geotechnical engineering, bridge hydraulics, and nondestructive evaluation technologies. These experts routinely provide technical assistance to other FHWA offices and State engineers. On occasion, a problem or failure occurs that falls outside of previous experience or understanding. The conduct of specialized forensic analyses is an essential Office of Infrastructure R&D mission. Examples of such services include recent studies of constraint-induced brittle fracture, expert technical assistance on the wind engineering aspects of new long-span bridges including field testing to perform dynamic characterization of bridges during various phases of construction, model tests to solve unusually complex hydraulic problems (especially those involving scour), failure analysis of coating systems, and evaluations and inspections using specialized nondestructive evaluation methods.
Pavement Forensic and Specialized Engineering Services
The Pavement Teams have technical experts in areas such as structural and mix design, specifications, construction, rehabilitation, laboratory testing, and forensic analysis. These experts routinely provide technical assistance to State highway agencies and other FHWA Offices upon request, including forensic evaluations of performance problems in pavements, and solutions and recommendations to address construction quality-assurance problems or to develop effective construction specifications. The laboratory testing capabilities and expertise have been used in support of many FHWA R&D efforts related to PCC, as, for example, coefficient of thermal expansion testing in support of the LTPP program and the new AASHTO Pavement Design Guide.
Models Expert Task Group
A Models Expert Task Group will be established to help implement the new AASHTO Pavement Design Guide and formulate the direction necessary to develop future models.
Traffic Research Laboratory (TReL) Model-Simulation and Problem-Solving Studies
The TReL supports the Advanced Traffic Management Simulator, RD&T Team, and ITS program.
Dedicated Short-Range Communications Program Support for Standards and ITS Applications
Provide technical analysis and general guidance for the development of a dedicated short-range communications standard at 5.9 gigahertz.
Ultrawide-Band Radar Technology Coordination
Provide technical support for other FHWA offices on spectrum planning and allocation through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and support the Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST) in their efforts to better understand the implications of ultrawide-band radar technology on existing users of the radio spectrum.
Frequency Spectrum Coordination for FHWA
Support various organizations in FHWA to find the appropriate spectrum for specific applications and work with the field and the U.S. Coast Guard to ensure the availability of the spectrum for various applications.
Traffic Software Integrated System (TSIS) Support
Maintain the TSIS suite of traffic software, which includes the CORSIM traffic simulator, TRAFED graphical input processor, and TRAFVU output viewer and animator.
ICA Test Facility
Support research on collision-avoidance systems being developed by the Infrastructure Consortium and research on advanced signal control systems, new ICA technologies, data collection, and software and hardware testing.
IVI Infrastructure Consortium Coordination and Leadership
Provide technical leadership in developing ICA services.
United States-Japan ITS Joint Research Program
Identify promising opportunities for collaboration and assemble technical materials to share with Japan.
Highway Safety Information Systems Data
Research methods support and provide Highway Safety Information Systems data to requesting parties on an ongoing basis.
Photometric and Radiometric Measurements of Light Sources (Including Traffic Signals, Vehicle Headlamps, and Roadway Lighting)

Spectro-radiometric measurement of LED traffic signal lights for Institute for Transportation Engineers (ITE); support for colorimetric requirements in ITE specification.

Spectro-radiometric measurement of high-intensity discharge headlights on hold pending National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approval of selection of items to be measured.
(Ongoing effort: responding to other requests as appropriate.)

Photometric and Colorimetric Measurements of Signing and Marking Materials (Including Coefficient of Retroreflectivity and Fluorescence) of Signing and Marking Materials
Round-robin measurement of weathered sheeting for National Transportation Product Evaluation Program. Round-robin measurement of samples used by Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center for evaluation of handheld retroreflectometers. Series of bispectral measurements of fluorescent sheeting in support of proposed rulemaking for the Office of Transportation Operations.
(Ongoing effort: responding to other requests as appropriate.)


Corporate Support Services

Service Description
Strategic Planning Contribute to USDOT and FHWA strategic plans; compile input to USDOT R&T strategic plan; participate in USDOT RTCC.
Performance Plan Contribute to FHWA performance plan; lead development of RD&T plan.
Performance Report Contribute to FHWA performance report; lead development of RD&T report.
Legislative Monitoring and Analysis Monitor Congressional developments; participate in the Legislative Advisory Working Group; and respond to Congressional queries, requests for technical assistance, etc.
R&T Budget Development Develop R&T budget proposal and compile budget justification; develop budget delivery plan.
Performance Measures Contribute to development of performance measures for R&T; develop RD&T performance measures; collect success stories; manage lab assessment process.
Performance and Budget Integration Contribute to interagency and agency dialogue on budget and performance integration; reflect appropriate performance measures in R&T budget.
Partnership and Customer Outreach Activities To Define and Implement a National Highway Research Agenda
  • National Partnership Initiative.
  • Future Strategic Highway Research Program liaison.
  • Liaison to State DOT research programs, SCOR, RAC.
  • Guidance to field and States on State planning and research funds (field handbook).
  • Coordination of FHWA participation in NCHRP.
  • Liaison with UTCs.
  • SBIR.
  • Manage pooled-fund program.
International Support FHWA and USDOT activities with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and serve as the focal point for cooperative R&T efforts with foreign governments.
Customer Surveys Support the development of an RD&T customer feedback process, including working with Headquarters Corporate Management on FHWA State and Metropolitan Planning Organization Customer Satisfaction Survey.
Outreach for Reauthorization Support USDOT and FHWA reauthorization outreach activities on behalf of R&T; and contribute to RD&T communications plan by identifying stakeholder groups and views on reauthorization, developing reauthorization message points, identifying opportunities to communicate these message points to decisionmakers and stakeholders, etc.
Information Analysis/Program Analysis Conduct studies and develop analytical products to assess the effectiveness of research programs.

Periodical Publications

  • Public Roads (bimonthly)
  • Transporter (monthly)
  • Focus (monthly)


Develop issue themes and articles to support FHWA research, development, technology transfer, best practices, lessons learned, and outreach.

Develop article(s) content and guide writers for appropriate story angle and audience.

Cradle-to-final-product publication services; including all writing/editing phases, style guidelines and design layout, other camera-ready preparation services, printing, Web site HTML conversion, distribution list preparation, and initial distribution.

Strategic Marketing and Communications Plans Work with Contracting Officer's Technical Representatives and Project Managers on marketing and/or communications plans to reach goals, including suggesting the appropriate marketing tools for reaching the target audience(s), such as events, public affairs, publications, and videos. Set production schedules.
RD&T Research Reports and Other Publications Cradle-to-final-product publication services, including all writing/editing phases, style guidelines and design layout, other camera-ready preparation services, printing, Web site HTML conversion, distribution list preparation, and initial distribution.
Editing and Printing
(RD&T Performance Plans, Directories, Brochures, Pamphlets, Laboratory Fact Sheets, etc.)

Cradle-to-final-product publication services, including all writing/editing phases, style guidelines and design layout, other camera-ready preparation services, printing, Web site HTML conversion, distribution list preparation, and initial distribution.

Develop marketing brochure/pamphlet contents.

Strategic marketing and communications plans and products.

Other Publications

  • Technology Talks (TT) Newsletter


Develop story ideas; complete editing and final printing/distribution; compile TT newsletter; and distribute electronically.
Full-Service RD&T Web Site Content and HTML Programming Support Complete document preparation with HTML coding, and PDF preparation for thousands of pages of RD&T reports, directories, newsletters, brochures, etc.
RD&T Tour Services Full-service support. Prepare agendas and handout materials for tour groups; schedule and coordinate tours with RD&T labs and speakers; and arrange for meeting room(s), audio/visual needs, and refreshments (lunches, coffee breaks).
FHWA Exhibit Events Program Support Services

Warehouse storage and shipping of FHWA program displays and conference handouts.

Full-service support of FHWA program office exhibitions for FHWA and OST.

FHWA R&T Products Distribution Center Manage R&T Report Center, distributing hard-copy publications, CD-ROMs, and other information products to FHWA customers, nationally and abroad.
FHWA Meeting and Conference Support Services Full-service support for logistics planning and support of FHWA-sponsored meetings for program offices. Services include hotel meeting space rental, meeting invitations and announcements, invitational travel, speaker(s) support, etc.
Audio/Visual/Computer Marketing Productions (Photography, VHS Tape or Digital Filming, Computer Presentation Services, and CD Reproductions) Multimedia services for RD&T program offices for still photography, VHS or digital filming services, computer presentations preparation, and CD-ROM production or duplication (photographs, promotional VHS tapes, short movies, Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations, CD-ROM productions for presentations).
T&I Deployment Meetings and other logistical arrangements. Assist with preparing documents and meeting handout materials, purchase and supply TRB reports, and other support activities.
Technology Delivery Supports the Agency in the development of near-term R&T Program plans. Supports the program offices and the resource centers in developing and delivering new technologies, and assists in the design and implementation of feedback systems to evaluate the effectiveness of new technologies. This includes the annual report to the U.S. Congress on technology-deployment activities.
Technology Transfer Assistance Provides assistance and service to the program offices and resource centers in support of cross-cutting technology transfer services and expertise, including marketing, developing technology packages, and fostering partnerships for technology sharing.
Communications and Marketing Assistance Provides and maintains communication and marketing assistance, outreach, and coordination services for all R&T related activities, including FHWA-wide media (publications such as Public Roads, Transporter, and Focus); Web site development; CD-ROM production; support for presentations, exhibits, and speech writing; and marketing support (marketing expertise, coordination with other FHWA marketing specialists).
International Scanning Program Member of the Agency team of panelists evaluating international scanning proposals.
Technology Innovation Committee (TIC) Represents FHWA in the USDOT TIC.
Technology Implementation Group (TIG) Actively supports and assists the AASHTO TIG.
Data Quality Member of FHWA Information Quality Forum.
Raise-the-Bar on T&I Actively supports and participates in the effort to develop the FHWA CMP.
R&T Budget Execution Provides research and reconciliation support for all R&T funding.
FHWA-Wide Report Development Develops the annual National Science Foundation Report for all FHWA research activities; develops the SBIR reports of funding forecasts and actual assessments for FHWA.
FHWA Advance Acquisition Planning System Development Serves as pilot site for the development and testing of the new automated acquisition system for eventual use throughout FHWA.
Research Facility Strategic Development Maintains a world-class research center; develops a strategic plan to ensure TFHRC's ability to continue to support state-of-the art research efforts in the future.
Emergency Planning and Support for FHWA TFHRC serves as one of the identified Disaster Recovery Sites for FHWA in the event an emergency forces the Agency out of its headquarters building. Significant planning and coordination are needed to ensure a state-of-emergency readiness is maintained.

Organizational Support Services

Financial Management
Acquisition Planning
Contract Administration and Purchase Card Management
Employee and Organizational Development
Human Resources Management
Information Technology Planning and Support
Facility Management
Physical Security
Emergency Planning and Support
Accountable Property Management
Administrative Support


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Class or presentation

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