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This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-05-068
Date: October 2005

Achieving A High Level of Smoothness in Concrete Pavements Without Sacrificing Long-Term Performance


Tables 74 and 75 present information about nondoweled and doweled GPS-3 sections used for analysis.

Table 74. Nondoweled GPS sections.
Data SetGPS SectionStateEnvironmental RegionConstruction Date
Set 147613AZDry no-freeze10/1/81
Set 163013CADry no-freeze7/1/82
Set 167493CADry no-freeze6/1/83
Set 1163023IDDry freeze12/1/83
Set 1313023NEWet freeze6/1/84
Set 1313024NEWet freeze12/1/84
Set 1313028NEWet freeze4/1/81
Set 1404157OKWet no-freeze3/1/86
Set 1463053SDWet freeze10/1/85
Set 1533014WADry freeze4/1/87
Set 1556354WIWet freeze8/1/89
Set 263024CADry no-freeze11/1/80
Set 2203013KSWet freeze1/1/84
Set 2383006NDDry freeze10/1/87
Set 2493015UTDry freeze9/1/85
Set 2497082UTDry freeze11/1/90
Set 2497083UTDry freeze7/1/89
Set 2533019WADry freeze8/1/86
Set 2537409WADry freeze5/1/81
Set 2553016WIWet freeze9/1/86
Set 2556351WIWet freeze8/1/89
Set 2556353WIWet freeze8/1/89
Set 3203060KSWet freeze12/1/84
Set 3313018NEWet freeze6/1/85
Set 3313033NEWet freeze9/1/86
Set 3323010NVDry freeze8/1/82
Set 3323013NVDry freeze12/1/81
Set 3383005NDWet freeze7/1/85
Set 3463010SDWet freeze9/1/83
Set 3493011UTDry freeze3/1/80
Set 3553015WIWet freeze10/1/84
Set 3563027WYDry freeze6/1/81
Set 3833802MBWet freeze10/1/85
Table 75. Doweled GPS sections.
Data SetGPS SectionStateEnvironmental RegionConstruction Date
Set 153011ARWet no-freeze5/1/83
Set 1124059FLWet no-freeze6/1/89
Set 1124109FLWet no-freeze3/1/89
Set 1133007GAWet no-freeze12/1/81
Set 1133020GAWet no-freeze9/1/85
Set 1193033IAWet freeze1/1/84
Set 1203015KSDry freeze1/1/85
Set 1213016KYWet freeze11/1/85
Set 1353010NMDry no-freeze6/1/84
Set 1373807NCWet no-freeze8/1/80
Set 1393801OHWet freeze12/1/83
Set 1421623PAWet freeze6/1/83
Set 1423044PAWet freeze12/1/85
Set 1453012SCWet no-freeze4/1/82
Set 1483010TXWet no-freeze10/184
Set 1556352WIWet freeze8/1/89
Set 1556355WIWet freeze8/1/89
Set 1893016QBWet freeze9/1/84
Set 247614AZDry no-freeze5/1/84
Set 287776CODry freeze8/1/88
Set 2124057FLWet no-freeze6/1/86
Set 2133019GAWet no-freeze12/1/81
Set 2183030INWet freeze1/1/81
Set 2193028IAWet freeze6/1/85
Set 2273013MNWet freeze10/1/85
Set 2283018MSWet no-freeze10/1/84
Set 3123804FLWet no-freeze9/1/85
Set 3163017IDDry freeze11/1/86
Set 3283019MSWet no-freeze11/1/84
Set 3373008NCWet no-freeze6/1/84
Set 3893015QBWet freeze9/1/84
Set 3273003MNWet freeze11/1/86


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