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Publication Number:  FHWA-HRT-16-007    Date:  January 2016
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-16-007
Date: January 2016


Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program Protocols, Version 1

Long-Term Bridge Performance Program Logo

Image Naming
LTBP Protocol #: FLD-DC-PH-003


Data Collected

1.1 None. This protocol provides guidance and specifications for manually organizing and naming images, as well as developing a final photo log, as part of data collection on a Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program bridge.  


Onsite Equipment and Personnel Requirements

2.1 Equipment:  
2.1.1 Digital camera.  
2.1.2 Computer.  
2.2 Personnel: None.  



3.1 Managing image files and the photo log from onsite data collection is the responsibility of the team member taking the photos.  
3.2 Organizing and storing images:  
3.2.1 In the absence of an automated (software-based) inspection with an image collection system, set up the following folder structure in advance of the site visit to allow for verification and easy duplication.  
3.2.2 Establish a folder for the bridge on an onsite laptop. Label the folder “XX-#####,” where XX is the two-letter State identifier, and ##### refers to the NBI structure number.  
3.2.3 Within the bridge folder, create daily folders for each day onsite, labeled, “YYYY-MM-DD.”  
3.2.4 Within each daily folder, create the following subfolders: An assessment technique folder for each assessment performed, labeled according to the tertiary two- or three-letter abbreviation used in the protocol naming scheme (e.g., NDE, VIC). General folders, labeled “Overall,” “Site,” “Traffic,” and “Other.” A folder labeled “Raw.”  
3.3 Raw images: Store all pictures taken in the “Raw” folder.  
3.4 Curated images:  
3.4.1 Curated images are those images selected and/or edited for inclusion in the curated photo log. These images are selected based on quality and value (e.g., not blurry, the best of a set of duplicates, etc.). The curated photo log will contain only images to be imported into the LTBP Bridge Portal.  
3.4.2 Only curated images are stored in the general and assessment technique folders. Store them in the following manner: Copy (do not cut, delete, or move) images to be included in the curated photo log from the daily “Raw” folder to the appropriate daily general or assessment technique folder. Rename the curated images from whatever the camera labels them (e.g., IMG_0001.jpg) to the format “###.jpg,” where ### is the number of the photo, continuous across all days onsite. Photo numbering should not restart each new day.  
3.5 Creating a photo log for curated images:  
3.5.1 Create a curated photo log for the curated photos. The curated photo log references the curated image numbers and provides a cursory description of image content as outlined in the onsite photo log (FLD-DC-PH-002, Photographing for Document Purposes).  
3.5.2 Include the following in the image description, where applicable: Element name (e.g., Girder, Bearing, Deck). Element designation (per FLD-OP-SC-002, Structure Segmentation and Element Identification System). Span number (e.g., span 2).  
3.6 By setting up the folders this way, the metadata for the image is contained in the file path. When imported into the LTBP Bridge Portal, the file path will be included as metadata, and the description in the curated photo log will be text-searchable captions.  


Data Collection Table

4.1 None.  


Criteria for Data Validation

5.1 None.  



6.1 This protocol provides guidance on naming digital image files.  
6.2 As an example of the procedure previously listed, consider the hypothetical file path: C:/Pictures/PA‑123456/2015-07-01/ND/007.jpg.  
6.2.1 From the file path, the following can be determined: Photo taken at Bridge PA-123456. Photo captured on July 1, 2015. Photo contents are part of nondestructive testing. It is the seventh image on the curated photo log.  
6.2.2 The corresponding photo log entry may be “007 – Image of technician collecting GPR data from the deck on span 2 – facing east.” From this description, the element (including designation where applicable), the general location, and an understanding of the image contents can be obtained.  



7.1 LTBP Protocols:  
7.1.1 FLD-DC-PH-001, Photography Equipment Requirements.  
7.1.2 FLD-DC-PH-002, Photographing for Documentation Purposes.  
7.1.3 FLD-OP-SC-002, Structure Segmentation and Element Identification System.  




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