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Publication Number:  FHWA-HRT-16-007    Date:  January 2016
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-16-007
Date: January 2016


Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program Protocols, Version 1

Remote Storage Protocols (RS)

FLD-DS-RS-001, Data, Document, and Image Storage—Remote

Long-Term Bridge Performance Program Logo

Data, Document, and Image Storage—Remote
LTBP Protocol #: FLD-DS-RS-001


Data Collected

1.1 None. This protocol provides requirements for remote storage of data, documents, and images during field assessment.  


Onsite Equipment and Personnel Requirements

2.1 Equipment:  
2.1.1 Laptop computer.  
2.1.2 Network connection or wireless hotspot.  
2.1.3 Data storage space on a secure network or cloud-based location.  
2.2 Personnel: None.  



3.1 Ensure that all data, documents, and images are stored and backed up remotely on a daily basis in a secure network or cloud-based storage location until integration into the Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Bridge Portal is complete.  
3.2 If data are stored on a network server, the server must reside behind the corporate firewall of the data collection contractor. This network server must have standard daily backup regiments, mirroring, and other protections typically provided to corporate servers.  


Data Collection Table

4.1 None.  


Criteria for Data Validation

5.1 Identify a team member responsible for validating that data are stored appropriately.  



6.1 The goal is to maximize redundancy in data storage without creating unnecessary overhead or otherwise adversely affecting data collection operations. This effort starts during field data collection and continues after leaving the bridge.  
6.2 Corporate cloud-based storage is preferred over commercial services but is not required. Remote network access allows periodic backups of collected field data to a cloud service while still on the bridge. Consider the following important factors when selecting a cloud service:  
6.2.1 Cost.  
6.2.2 Sync speed.  
6.2.3 Security specifications.  



7.1 LTBP Protocols: FLD-DS-LS-001, Data, Document, and Image Storage—Local.  
7.2 External: None.  




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