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Special Federal-aid Funding

Subject: ACTION: Allocation of Emergency Relief (ER) Funds, Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Obligation Needs, [CFDA No. 20.205] Date: February 27, 2020
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Peter J. Stephanos
Director, Director, Office of Stewardship, Oversight, and Management
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To: Division Administrators
Directors of Field Services

The ER program fund allocations shown on the attached table are based on amounts your offices had indicated were needed for obligation through the next six months of FY 2020.

You may authorize obligations of these ER funds up to the allocated amount from FMIS program code ER14 as shown. These funds are not subject to obligation limitation. Please ensure that the disaster fiscal year (four digits) and disaster sequence number (one digit) are entered into FMIS at project authorization. In addition, all projects using this program code must include the assigned Emergency Relief Code (ER Code) in FMIS, as shown in the attached table, to allow FHWA to track funding allocations by event and ensure compliance with legislative provisions.

The listed ER allocations are being made for the specific events shown. Excess funds may not be moved from one event to another within a State. We will monitor FMIS to identify ER obligations and expenditures and will work with your office to periodically deallocate ER funds that are no longer needed for the events for which they were allocated.

By copy of this memorandum, we request that the Office of Budget - FMIS Team, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, process this allocation. If you have any questions regarding this allocation, please contact Greg Wolf at 202-366-4655 or Katie Hulbert at 202-809-4758.


Updated: 03/13/2020
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