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Subject: ACTION: SAFETEA-LU Section 1961 Allocation of FY 2006 Funds Date: September 2, 2009
From: /s/Gerald Yakowenko for
Dwight. A. Horne Director,
Office of Program Administration
Refer To: HIPA-10
To: Nelson J. Castellanos
Division Administrator
Baltimore, MD

Section 1961 of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU, P.L. 109-59) authorized $1,000,000 in contract authority to be appropriated from the Highway Trust Fund for fiscal year 2006 for the "I-95/Contee Road Interchange Study." The $1,000,000 authorization for FY 2006 is reduce to $990,000 after applying the one percent across-the-board rescission imposed in section 3801 of the Department of Defense, Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2006 (Title III, Chapter 8 of Public Law 109-148).

In applying the provisions of section 1102(f) of SAFETEA-LU and 110(e) of the Transportation, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development, the Judiciary, the District of Columbia, and Independent Agencies Appropriations Act, 2006 (Public Law 109-115) concerning redistribution of certain allocated funds, only the amount of this authorization, for which obligation authority (OA) is provided, will be made available. Therefore, only $861,300 of this $990,000 is available for FY 2006, because of the obligation limitation of 87.0 percent. The remaining funds will not be available for this activity, but are instead distributed to the States in accordance with section 1102(f) of SAFETEA-LU and 110(e) of the FY 2006 appropriations act.

Therefore, we are allocating $861,300 of program code LL30 funds and an equal amount of obligation authority (DELPHI Code 15X0R75002-050LL30500) to Maryland. These funds are subject to the annual August redistribution of OA. Any funds not obligated by the end of the fiscal year will be withdrawn, along with an equal amount of OA. Any withdrawn funds will be returned the following fiscal year with an equal amount of obligation authority. The Federal share for these funds is 100 percent, and the funds are available until expended. These funds are also not transferable.

By copy of this memorandum, we are requesting the Office of Financial Management process this allocation.

If you have any questions, please contact Joseph Taylor, of my staff, on 202-366-1564.

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