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Slope & Embankment Stability Advanced Course on Slope Stability      PB95-225819   
Expansive Soils An Evaluation of Methodology for Prediction and Minimization of Detrimental Volume Change of Expansive Soils in Highway Subgrades  1979       
Waste Utilization Availability of Mining Wastes and Their Potential for use as Highway Materials  1976       
Soil Compaction & Stabilization Chemical Compaction Aids for Fine Grained Soils  1979       
Shale Design and Construction of Compacted Shale Embankments  1975       
Geosynthetics Geocomposite Drains  1986       
Slope & Embankment Stability National Landslide Hazards Mitigation Strategy-A Framework for Loss Reduction  2003       
Slope & Embankment Stability Proceedings of the Foundation Deformation Prediction Symposium  1975       
Soil Compaction & Stabilization Soil and Base Stabilization and Associated Drainage Considerations  1993       
Soil Compaction & Stabilization The Role of Magnesium Oxide in Lime Stabilization  1975       
Rock Slopes Training Course in Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering: Rock Slopes  1999       
Waste Utilization Use of Waste Sulfate for Remedial Treatment of Soils  1976       
Geotechnical Notebook Issuances GT-15 - Geotechnical Differing Site Conditions    FHWA-1996    View PDF (0.2 MB)
Miscellaneous FHWA Checklist and Guidelines for Review of Geotechnical Reports and Preliminary Plans and Specifications  1988  FHWA-ED-88-053    View PDF (0.2 MB)
Miscellaneous Rock and Mineral Identification for Engineers  1991  FHWA-HI-91-025     
Rock Slopes Rock Blasting and Overbreak Control  1992  FHWA-HI-92-001  PB97-186548  View PDF (38 mb)
Geosynthetics Geosynthetic Design and Construction Guidelines Participant Notebook  1995  FHWA-HI-95-038  PB95-270500  View PDF (47 mb)
Miscellaneous Geotechnical Instrumentation  1998  FHWA-HI-98-034     
Geosynthetics Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge System Interim Implementation Guide  2011  FHWA-HRT-11-026    View PDF (8.82 MB)
Geosynthetics Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge System Synthesis Report  2011  FHWA-HRT-11-027    View PDF (1.65 MB)
Waste Utilization Fly Ash as a Construction Material  1976  FHWA-IP-76-16  PB-259302   
Soil Compaction & Stabilization Soil Stabilization in Pavement Structures  1980  FHWA-IP-80-2  PB83-186403   
Testing Pressuremeter Test for Highway Applications  1989  FHWA-IP-89-008     
Miscellaneous Soils and Foundations Workshop Manual  2000  FHWA-NHI-00-045     
Scanning Tours Innovated Technology For Accelerated Construction Of Bridge And Embankment Foundations In Europe  2003  FHWA-PL-03-014    View PDF (8.3 mb)
Scanning Tours Geotechnical Engineering Practices in Canada and Europe - International Technology Exchange Program  1999  FHWA-PL-99-013    View PDF (5.7 MB)
Expansive Soils Proceedings of Workshop on Expansive Clays and Shales in Highway Design and Construction  1973  FHWA-RD-73-72  PB74-225843/AS   
Testing Determination of the In Situ State of Stress of Soil Masses  1974  FHWA-RD-74-68  PB-242710   
Soil Compaction & Stabilization Development and Evaluation of Chemical Soil Stabilizers, Final Report  1975  FHWA-RD-75-17  PB-242556   
Soil Compaction & Stabilization A Laboratory Evaluation of Two Proprietary Materials as Compaction Aids and Soil Stabilizers  1975  FHWA-RD-75-32  PB88-136353/AS   
Waste Utilization Feasibility of Using Sewage Sludge in Highway Embankment Construction, Interim Report  1975  FHWA-RD-75-38  PB-242260   
Expansive Soils A Review of Engineering Experiences with Expansive Soils in Highway Subgrades  1975  FHWA-RD-75-48  PB76-248658/AS  View PDF (10 MB)
Expansive Soils An Occurrence and Distribution Survey of Expansive Materials in the United States by Physiographic Areas  1976  FHWA-RD-76-82  PB76-265230/AS  View PDF (1.5 MB)
Testing Determination of Consistency Characteristics of Soils  1977  FHWA-RD-77-101  PB-277465   
Testing Compilation and Analysis of Cyclic Triaxial Test Data, Final Report  1977  FHWA-RD-77-129  PB-281951   
Waste Utilization Evaluation of Sulfate Bearing Waste Material from Fluidized Bed Combustion of Coals for Soil Stabilization  1977  FHWA-RD-77-136  PB-278031   
Expansive Soils An Investigation of the Natural Microscale Mechanisms That Cause Volume Change in Expansive Clays  1977  FHWA-RD-77-75  PB77-291782/AS   
Expansive Soils An Evaluation of Expedient Methodology for Identification of Potentially Expansive Soils  1977  FHWA-RD-77-94  PB77-289164/AS   
Slope & Embankment Stability High Resolution Sensing Techniques for Slope Stability Studies, Final Report  1979  FHWA-RD-79-32  PB80-124621   
Testing Dynamic Testing of Slotted Underdrain Pipe  1979  FHWA-RD-79-501  PB80-120090   
Expansive Soils Technical Guidelines for Expansive Soils in Highway Subgrades, Final Report  1980  FHWA-RD-79-51  PB80-139660   
Slope & Embankment Stability Factors That Influence the Stability of Slopes--A Literary Review  1979  FHWA-RD-79-54  PB80-112360   
Frost Action Mathematical Model to Correlate Frost Heave of Pavements with Laboratory Predictions  1979  FHWA-RD-79-71  AD-A084737   
Testing Determination of the in Situ Permeability of Base and Subbase Courses  1979  FHWA-RD-79-88  PB-300908   
Testing Evaluation of Self-boring Pressuremeter Tests in Boston Blue Clay, Interim Report  1980  FHWA-RD-80-052  PB81-154361   
Testing Determination of Horizontal Stress in Soils  1981  FHWA-RD-81-118  PB82-117789   
Frost Action Frost Susceptibility of Soil, Review of Index Tests  1982  FHWA-RD-82-081  AD-A111752   
Frost Action Frost Action Predictive Techniques for Roads and Airfields: Volume 1  1987  FHWA-RD-87-057  PB88-144050   
Testing Geotechnical Risk and Reliability: The State of the Art  1987  FHWA-RD-87-110     
Testing Geotechnical Risk Analysis: A Users Guide  1987  FHWA-RD-87-111     
Drilled Shafts Load Transfer for Drilled Shafts in Intermediate Geomaterials  1995  FHWA-RD-95-172     
Slope & Embankment Stability Highway Slope Maintenance and Slide Restoration Workshop  1988  FHWA-RT-88-040  PB97-186530  View PDF (26.6 MB)
Testing Cone Penetrometer Test  1991  FHWA-SA-91-043  PB92-178524   
Testing Flat Dilatometer Test  1991  FHWA-SA-91-044  PB92-177120   
Slope & Embankment Stability EMBANK-One Dimensional Compression Due to Embankment Loads - User's Manual  1992  FHWA-SA-92-045  PB93-219046  View PDF (7.3 MB)
Rock Slopes Rockfall Hazard Rating System - Participant's Manual  1993  FHWA-SA-93-057  PB96-129127  View PDF (59.1 MB)
Rock Slopes Rockfall Hazard Mitigation Methods - Participant's Notebook  1993  FHWA-SA-93-085  PB97-183396   
Slope & Embankment Stability Foundation Design of Embankments on Varved Clays  1977  FHWA-TS-77-214  PB-275727   
Rock Slopes Rock Slope Engineering  1979  FHWA-TS-79-208  PB80-103294   
Waste Utilization Coal Mine Refuse in Highway Embankments  1980  FHWA-TS-80-213  GPO-050-001-00   
Shale Design and Construction of Shale Embankments, Summary  1980  FHWA-TS-80-219  PB89-229330  View PDF (16.9 MB)
Miscellaneous Highway Subdrainage Design  1980  FHWA-TS-80-224     
Expansive Soils Expansive Soils in Highway Subgrades, Summary  1980  FHWA-TS-80-236     
Rock Slopes Rockslopes: Design, Excavation, Stabilization  1989  FHWA-TS-89-045     

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