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Subject: INFORMATION: Stewardship and Federal Highway Programs Date: January 8, 2003
From: /s/ Original signed by:
J. Richard Capka
Deputy Administrator
Refer To: HIAM-20
To: Associate Administrators
Chief Counsel
Directors of Field Services
Division Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Division Engineers

The attached memorandum from King reflects excellent work on Infrastructure's part to address the implementation requirements surrounding our Federal highway responsibilities for stewardship. The June 22, 2001, issued "Policy on the Stewardship and Oversight of the Federal Highway Program" (Stewardship Policy) had directed that certain appropriate implementation actions be undertaken.

As you are aware, I recently initiated some leadership discussions on stewardship that, among other things, will attempt to provide some framework around which additional stewardship implementation strategies and "nuts and bolts" activities can be developed. Our leadership and program management responsibilities are key to the successful delivery of the national highway programs.

As King points out, the implementing directives will be continually "reviewed for relevancy and updated, as appropriate." We will continue to develop and provide additional implementation guidance not only from Infrastructure but also from the other functional areas that will clarify our responsibilities without being overly prescriptive in instruction. The guidance will be coordinated and synchronized to ensure a consistent management philosophy throughout the program development and project delivery process.

This is an exciting time for us, both as we approach reauthorization and as we witness the Nation's transportation challenges grow, requiring our continued effective stewardship to meet the needs of the Nation.


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