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Roads to Your Future

Let's Build Tomorrow's Highway Construction Workforce

The Highway Construction Workforce Partnership's goal is to increase the capacity and capability of the highway construction workforce. By partnering with key organizations to develop and deploy highway construction training and placement programs, this initiative will increase the number of individuals trained and hired in highway construction trades and crafts.

Roads To Your Future will help you to:

  • Understand the magnitude of the highway construction workforce challenge
  • Start a highway construction workforce development effort in your community
  • Market highway construction job openings in your area
  • Contact partners to help you identify, train, and place workers into highway construction careers
  • Connect to a national partnership of highway construction practitioners and resources

For information about the HCWP please click on the tabs above (Identify, Train, Place and Engage). There are also videos featured on our website that provide more insight into the program from a partner level.

We are excited to partner with you! Please contact us any time if you can't find what you need here or would like to speak with someone about your specific workforce issues.

State Participation

The map below indicates states participating in the Highway Construction Workforce Partnership program, states participating in the Strategic Workforce Development initiative, and states that are participating in multiple programs.

Map denoting which states are part of the Strategic Workforce Development, Highway Construction Workforce Partnership, or both.

See Excel file for more information on participating states.


Playbook cover

Strategic Workforce Development Playbook Cover

Success Stories

In Alabama, women have a unique opportunity to compete successfully in the Transportation Construction industry.  Through successful partnering with Federal Highway Administration, Alabama Department of Transportation, Alabama Community College System, Auburn University, the Governor’s Office for Alabama, Alabama General Contractors, Alabama Road Builders Association, the Alabama Workforce Council and many others, training programs have been developed, with more on the way, that highlight unprecedented opportunities for women to join the transportation industry and have long and life-changing careers.  The training provided is current and part of further partnering effort with individual companies where the trainees will be employed once completed. Here are only a few of the success stories.

Building Dreams: Empowering Women in Construction - YouTube

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