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Once someone has been trained in the construction field, it is important to place them into a job. The following are resources that provide additional information on placing certain applicants into construction careers. Your one-stop source for all things apprenticeship.

Helmets to Hard Hats: A fast way for Military, Reservists, & Guardsmen to transition from active duty to a career in the construction industry. Find jobs in the asphalt industry at this site sponsored by the National Asphalt and Pavement Association.

The Getting Talent Back to Work initiative: The Getting Talent Back to Work initiative is led by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), in partnership with Koch Industries, to end outdated, non-inclusive hiring practices. In response to the First Step Act becoming law, the movement is the next step to getting those with criminal histories a fair chance at employment.

National Center for Construction Education & Research: Construction Career Pathway. A website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor to provide information on various career and training opportunities.

The Federal Resources Playbook for Registered Apprenticeship: This quick guide provides information for companies, employers, labor, apprenticeship sponsors, educators, workforce professionals, intermediaries and community-based organizations on using Federal funds and resources to support registered apprenticeship.

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