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March 1, 1967

CIRCULAR MEMORANDUM TO: Regional and Division Engineers

FROM: G. M. Williams, Director of Engineering and Operations 32-34

SUBJECT: Advance approval of changes and extra work on Federal-aid highway projects

Enclosed is a small supply of Form PR-1365 which has been developed as a result of an employee suggestion for optional use by the divisions.

As you are aware, paragraph 18(b) of PPM 21-6.3 states in part -

All major changes in the plans and contract provisions and all major extra work must be approved in writing by the division engineer in advance of their effective dates . . .

We believe the enclosed form will, when completed, provide adequate advance written authorization to proceed with needed modifications of approved plans and contract provisions.

We recognize that many division offices employ forms similar to the one we have developed and have enjoyed success in their use. We have evaluated a number of such forms and consider the enclosed form to be representative of those studied. As indicated above, use of the enclosed form is at the discretion of each division engineer and our suggestion that it be used does not preclude continued use of forms or procedures currently employed to satisfy the requirements of Policy and Procedure Memorandum 21-6.3.

With regard to use of the form, we would not expect major revisions to be authorized without a thorough examination of all the information available and would discourage conditional approvals except in situations of an emergency nature. It is contemplated that the State will be furnished a copy or copies of the completed form.

Those divisions that want to adopt the form should supply their needs by ordering from the Washington office.


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