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Current Design-Build Practices for Transportation Projects

Appendix 1 Public Agencies that have Utilized Design-Build for Transportation Projects

State Agency DB Projects Enabling Authority Remarks
AL DOT Ferry boat ($.7M) bridge resurfacing/replacement No specific legislation  
AK DOT Whittier Tunnel ($57M) Ferry projects General legislative authorization for agencies using state funds. DOT is currently developing an RFP for a $50M interchange project
AZ DOT I-10 emergency bridge replacement contract interchange I-17 segment, Phoenix 13.5 mile reconstruction SR 68 US60 Authorization for pilot projects by DOT ADOT actively sought legislative authorization, is proceeding with pilot projects and intends to seek further authorization-its experience in obtaining authorization and pursuing pilot projects are of interest
AR DOT None No specific legislation  
CA DOT I-10 earthquake reconstruction SR-91 SR-125 Emergency powers; public - private partnerships (AB 680) I-10 was a unique project, DOT is not currently proceeding with other DB projects; AB 680 projects may be of interest
Orange County Transportation Corridor Agencies San Joaquin Toll Road Eastern Toll Road Glenwood Pacific Interchange Foothill-South Toll Road Enabling legislation granted independent powers without restricting procurement methodology Greenfield projects completed 1996, 1998, interchange under construction-toll revenue financed-information regarding procurement, protests, project management, acceptance and warranties may be of use-also of interest to see evolution of procurement process over time
Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority Alameda Corridor Los Angeles City Charter permits "lowest ultimate cost" negotiated procurement User fee project, close to completion-information regarding project management and procurement process may be of use; also lessons learned re utility relocation, quality
BART Airport LRT extension Special legislation allowing BART to use low bid design-build  
BART Warm Springs extensions General legislation permitting transit agencies to use design-build New program might be of interest but it is still in the planning phase
Los Angeles to Pasadena Metro Blue Line Construction Authority Chinatown Aerial Structure Arroyo Seco LRT Agency's enabling legislation specifically permits design-build Projects are under construction. Systems acceptance procedures may be of interest, also procurement process and project management lessons learned.
Los Angeles County MTA Eastside LRT extension General legislation permitting transit agencies to use design-build LRT project-RFP not yet issued
CO DOT/RTD Transportation Expansion Project Authorization specific to DOT Of interest since it is a major project that was recently awarded, federally funded, used best value procurement process, created DBE program to comply with new regulations
DOT Woodland Park Urban Street I-70 Reconstruction Transportation Management System    
E-470 Toll Roads 27 km Did not research Greenfield toll road projects-procurement process, contract administration process may be of interest
Northwest Parkway Public Highway Authority 10 mile toll road Denver Did not research Greenfield toll road project-warranty pricing may be of interest (in order to reduce project costs the warranty term was shortened by change order)
US 285/ Kipling to Wadsworth Highway Reconstruction and new bridges CDOT  
US 36/120th Avenue Extension New Roadway Construction, ROW acquisition, new bridge, and local street improvements CDOT  
CT DOT Hartford - New Britain busway Authorization for State departments and agencies RFP not yet issued
DE DOT Choptank Road Authorization specific to DOT  
DC WMATA parking garage subway extension Did not research 1 parking structure completed; others not yet under construction
District of Columbia Enhanced I & M Station Did not research  
FL DOT 14+ highway and bridge projects Authorization specific to DOT Florida was one of the first departments of transportation to use design-build and undoubtedly has learned many lessons in the ensuing years
GA DOT I-95 I-75 widening General legislation permitting design-build Legislation places constraints on procurement that are problematic
HI DOT Kuihelani Highway curbcut projects Authorization for all governmental bodies  
ID DOT None Authorization for State, counties, cities and towns  
IL DOT various smaller projects Authorization for State & Regional Transportation Auth.  
City of Chicago Airport extension City council approval Qualifications - based selection process; currently in preliminary design phase
IN DOT 8+ highway and bridge projects did these pass? SB 24, HB 2021, HB 1279  
IA DOT None No specific legislation  
KS Turnpike authority Unknown Specific authorization for turnpike authority  
DOT None Attorney General has opined that design-build may be possible for other agencies  
KY DOT None Authorization for State  
LA DOT John James Audubon Bridge ($348M), I-10 Twin Span repair ($40M), I-12 Widening Project ($100M)None,   DOTD is about to begin construction on the I-12 Widening Project and in May 2009 issued RFQs for the I-10 Widening Project and the US90 Interchange at LA85
ME DOT Sagadahoc bridge ($47M) Authorization for DOT The project was completed in 2000-lessons learned re procurement process, bridge projects and warranties are of interest
MD DOT US-113 new highway ($10M) MD32 No specific legislation  
Maryland Mass Transit Administration Baltimore - Washington Maglev project Did not research Still in planning phase
Maryland Mass Transit Administration Baltimore LRT extension Did not research  
MA MHD Route 3 North Project-specific legislation Design-build-operate-maintain-finance project
MBTA Greenbush LRT Project-specific legislation Still in procurement phase
MI DOT 30 + projects: I-69 andM-21 DBF projects, I-275 reconstruction 4 bridge superstructure replacements ferry boat 11 bridge deck replacements weigh stations pavement rehab ATMS interchange No specific legislation The DOT has engaged in a significant number of projects, and has undoubtedly learned lessons in the process. For a case study of an ITS center project, see this link
MN DOT Hiawatha LRT I-35 pavement rehab Specific legislation for LRT Although this is a light rail project, it was developed by the Department of Transportation. Lessons learned regarding the procurement process and contract terms are of interest
MS DOT None No specific authorization  
MO DOT None Legislation proposed (HB No. 71, SB 320) 8 state pilot projects authorized
MT DOT 3 pilot projects and 1 new bridge construction project. Currently advertising 1 rest area project Authorization for Department of Transportation Also have 2 additional projects authorized for DB - in the process of writing RFQ/RFP/DCCP.
NE DOT None No specific legislation  
NV DOT None General legislation  
Clark County Las Vegas Monorail Did not research Public-private partnership
City of Reno ReTrac rail project General legislation RFP not yet issued
NH DOT None No specific legislation  
NJ DOT Low bid projects

best value I & M station

No specific legislation  
DOT/SJTA/ private developer Atlantic City/Brigantine Connector ($190M) (tunnel) Did not research The project was completed 2001; public-private partnership among DOT, toll authority and private developer; lessons learned re tunnels are of interest
New Jersey Transit Hudson-Bergen LRT ($800M) South New Jersey LRT No specific legislation DBOM: HBLRT completed 2000; SNJLRTS under construction
NM SHTD US 70 NM 528 Authorization for Highway Department pilot program Still in procurement phase
NY New York City DOT Pedestrian safety Belt Parkway/Ocean Parkway bridge No specific authorization  
Port Authority JFK extension traffic surveillance Did not research  
New York State OGS   Did not research  
NC DOT CARAT ITS Statewide wetland mitigation I-26 Authorization for Department of Transportation  
ND DOT None No specific legislation  
OH DOT 25+ projects Authorization for DOT Department has used design-build for a number of projects. Evolution of procurement process is of interest--historically they used a low bid selection methodology, but are considering alternative selection methodologies
OK DOT None No specific legislation  
OR DOT I-5 reconstruction ($8M) Authorization for tollway projects and public-private partnerships  
Portland I-MAX LRT Did not research  
PA DOT 22+ projects Authorization for State Low bid selection process
RI DOT None Authorization for public property and public works: "any type of contract which will promote the best interests of the state may be used" (except cost plus percentage or cost reimbursement).  
SC DOT Conway Bypass Carolina Bays SC 170 3 bridge replacements Authorization for Department of Transportation to enter into partnership agreements for financing and development of highways, roads, streets and bridges FHWA often refers other states to SCDOT documents. SCDOT has a significant program and has undoubtedly learned many lessons. Unclear how SCDOT will proceed with procurements under new FHWA regulations.
Greenville County Numerous projects Did not research Greenville County has been effectively using design-build for building and road projects. For the past 4 years they have successfully executed their annual Road Improvement Programs through the use of innovative, best value, stipulated sum, DB contracts where the contractor is responsible for all design, coordination with residences and businesses, and QC/QA.
SD DOT I-229 reconstruction Authorization for public works projects  
TN DOT None No specific authorization  
City of Nashville ITS Did not research  
TX DOT Toll roads: SH 183A SH 130 Authorization for Texas Turnpike Authority (Division of the Texas DOT) Still in procurement phase
UT UDOT I-15 Reconstruction Legacy Parkway 114th South Interchange ITS ($5M) ITS ($1.5M) ?Provo Canyon retaining structures Specific legislation applicable to Department of Transportation The recently completed I-15 reconstruction project was a major undertaking and should be reviewed as part of any survey of design-build highway projects in the U.S. Items of interest include the evolution of UDOT's procurement process and contract documents
UTA University Line General d-b legislation  
VT DOT None Authorization for State  
VA DOT 20+ Projects (Various Sizes) Authorization for all state agencies; various local agencies; public-private authorization for VDOT VDOT contract documents based on DBIA template documents. Link: VDOT Design-Build
WA DOT Tacoma Narrows bridge Reconstruction project Interchange General d-b legislation Projects not yet underway
Sound Transit Light rail tunnel project General d-b legislation  
WV DOT 1 small project Authorization for state/county/local projects  
WI DOT None Special Biennial Budget Language Bridge project was near PS&E and completed as low bid
City of Milwaukee 6th St Viaduct Special Biennial Budget Language  
WY DOT None No specific legislation  
US Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Numerous projects over the past 20 years, including horizontal as well as vertical projects   Design-build has become the Navy's preferred method for delivering projects. Due to the Navy's broad capability, and due to the wide array of projects, we believe there is much to be learned both about their procurement procedures and their experiences in developing different types of projects
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Reconstruction of El Portal Road in Yosemite National Park, Calif. (Central Federal Lands Highway Division of FHWA)   We believe it would be productive to interview FHWA to obtain the benefit of lessons learned in developing the El Portal project, particularly since the draft design-build regulations recently issued by FHWA would require state agencies to follow federal procurement rules
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