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Special Experimental Project No. 14 - FHWA/HUD Livability Initiative

Eligibility Criteria for a Geographic Preference for a Joint FHWA/HUD Project under SEP-14

  1. Project activities must meet requirements for the use of FHWA and HUD funds.
  2. Project funding must include both FHWA and HUD sources
  3. The amount of HUD funding involved with the project must be either
    1. At least 10 percent of the amount of Title 23 eligible work, or
    2. For projects financed with $100,000,000 or more in Federal funding in the aggregate, 5 percent of such eligible work.

    In any event, the FHWA may reject SEP-14 work plans for projects with only de minimis amount of HUD funding.

Evaluation Criteria for a SEP-14 Work Plan

  1. Submit SEP-14 work plans to the appropriate FHWA Division office. For more information, please see: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/programadmin/contracts/sep_a.cfm.
  2. Address the following points (For additional details, see Excerpt from June 25, 2010 Federal Register Notice)
    1. Competition
    2. Livability
    3. Sustainability
  3. The FHWA will only consider the possible use of HUD's economic opportunity requirements under SEP-14 in the context of a joint FHWA/HUD project and only to the extent necessary to comply with applicable HUD statutes. The FHWA will not consider the use of such preferences unless necessary to meet the requirements of a Federal grant-in-aid program

HUD Requirements for Contract Award

  1. Insert the Section 3 Clause (24 CFR Part 135.38) into all contract documentation, verbatim.
  2. All direct recipients of HUD funding covered by Section 3 must submit Form 60002 annually. All reports must be submitted in the Section 3 Performance Evaluation and Registry System (SPEARS).
Updated: 06/27/2017
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