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Construction Program Management and Inspection Guide

Appendix G (continued)


Competition is one of the best indicators of a "good" bid. Other factors, however, play an important role in analyzing a bid. The analysis and subsequent award of a project should be thorough even when the low bid is below or at a reasonable percentage above the engineer's estimate. It is reasonable to expect that larger projects will undergo a more thorough review than smaller projects. Reference Technical Advisories T5080.4 and T5080.6 for additional information on the bid review process.

This document serves as a checklist for what should, at a minimum, be included in a bid review for a Full Oversight Project. The completed checklist and any accompanying information should be filed in the project-specific file.

  1. How many bids were submitted?
  2. Is there good competition?
  3. How does the bid compare with the engineer's estimate?
  4. What is the distribution or range of bids received?
  5. Which unit bid prices differ significantly from the estimate?
  6. Is there justification for the difference?
  7. What is the identity and geographic location of the bidders?
  8. What is the potential for savings, if any, if the project is re-advertised?
  9. How do the bid prices for the project under review compare to bid prices for similar projects in the same letting?
  10. Is there any urgency in letting the project?
  11. What are the current market conditions and workload?
  12. Are there any unbalanced bids?
  13. Would deferral be contrary to public interest?
  14. Are there any errors in the engineer's estimate?


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