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Construction Program Guide

Culvert Selection

The FHWA's policy for culvert and storm sewer material type selection is that State transportation departments and direct recipients of Federal-aid highway construction funds shall have the autonomy to determine culvert and storm sewer material types to be included in Federal-aid highway construction projects.

Authority/Legal Basis

  • 23 CFR 635.411 Culvert and Storm Sewer Materials Types (9/27/19) On September 27, 2019, FHWA revised its regulation at 23 CFR 635.411 by issuing a Final Rule in the Federal Register rescinding the long-standing proprietary product regulatory requirements in 23 CFR 635.411(a) through (e) and change the title of section 635.411 to 'Culvert and Storm Sewer Materials Types.' Under its new title, the former paragraph (f) of section 635.411 would be retained to fulfill the mandate of section 1525 of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) for States to retain autonomy for the selection of storm sewer material types.



AASHTO Publications
AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, 8th Edition
  • Section 12: Buried Structures and Tunnel Liners
    • 12.4-Soil and Material Properties
    • 12.5-Limit States and Resistance Factors
    • 12.6-General Design Features
    • 12.7-Metal Pipe, Pipe Arch, Arch Structures, and Steel-Reinforced Thermoplastic Culverts
    • 12.8-Long-Span Structural Plate Structures
    • 12.9-Structural Plate Box Structures
    • 12.10-Reinforced Concrete Pipe.
    • 12.11-Reinforced Concrete Cast-In-Place and Precast Box Culverts and Reinforced Cast-In-Place Arches
    • 12.12-Thermoplastic Pipes
    • 12.13-Steel Tunnel Liner Plate
    • 12.14-Precast Reinforced Concrete Three-Sided Structures
    • 12.15-Fiberglass Pipe
Highway Drainage Guidelines, 4th Edition (2007)
  • Subchapter 4.10 Service Life
  • Subchapter 14.4 Material Selection and Estimating Service Life
Plant Certification and Culvert Material Information
Updated: 04/24/2019
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