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National Plain Language Peer to Peer Conference

Preparing for the Conference

FHWA and Caltrans jointly developed a Cooperative Work Plan and agenda for the Conference. A general invitation was sent to all 52 state and territory DOTs. A questionnaire was sent out to participants prior to the Conference. Four states responded to the Questionnaire. These responses are collated and reported in Appendix B.


The following representatives from ten DOTs participated in this Conference:

  • Mike Kissel - California DOT
  • Jim Cotey - California DOT
  • Jill Sewell - California DOT
  • Greg Edwards - California DOT
  • Sey Hossnieh - California DOT
  • Robert Schott - California DOT
  • Robin Leonard - California DOT
  • Tim Sobelman - California DOT
  • Greg Balzer - California DOT
  • Perry Mayer - California DOT
  • Don Roberts - Florida DOT
  • Frances Hood - Idaho DOT
  • Tom Reis - Iowa DOT
  • Tim Quinn - Minnesota DOT
  • Mike Sklenar - Nebraska DOT
  • Pratip Lahiri - New York DOT
  • Dale Deatherage - Oregon DOT
  • Craig McDaniel - Washington DOT
  • David Mariman - Washington DOT
  • Michael Hall - Wisconsin DOT

FHWA representatives that participated in the conference are:

  • Ken Jacoby, FHWA - HQ's, Washington, DC
  • Jeff Lewis, FHWA - Resource Center, California
  • Bren George - California Division
  • Caltrans chief engineer Richard D. Land and construction division chief Mark Leja welcomed the participants to the Conference.

The Conference was facilitated and documented by John Sween and David Halligan from Navigant Consulting Incorporated. This report was prepared by John Sween and David Halligan of Navigant Consulting Incorporated and edited by Michael Kissel of Caltrans.

Participant contact information is in Appendix C.

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