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Contract Administration / Bidding Review FY 2002

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Improve business processes with ...DOT Contract Administration, Project Review, Advertising, Award or Notice to Proceed Steps.

REFERENCE: FHWA Contract Administration Reference Guide 2001

  • Changes occur in the Engineer's Estimate (EE) after FHWA authorization of the PS&E. FHWA authorization is required for changes to EE prior to advertisement. Need final check internal to ... DOT that FHWA has concurred in changes to PS&E prior to advertisement
  • Increased outreach to contracting community to promote competition and information that projects are advertised. Outreach may take the form of advertisement list on website, and/or public job fairs to outreach to contracting community, or other types of outreach.
  • .. DOT Standard Specifications Section 102.01, Article 7 states "All changes to the bid documents will be made by addenda mailed to all prospective bidders, who have obtained copies of the bid documents, not later than 7 days before bid opening date." What process ensures that this always happens, adhering to the 7 day requirement?
  • The analysis of bids needs to be able to discover bidding irregularities, collusion, and materially unbalanced bids. Use of AASHTO Trns*prt BAMS/DSS software is anticipated in a few years. Until then develop a short training and possible implementation software for ...DOT project staff to analyze and detect irregularities, collusion, and materially unbalanced bids - and act upon them, such as InfoTech products.
  • Progress partial monthly payments, source documentation and processes defining how to prepare? Safeguards and internal checks for reliability. Examine current processes with ....DOT staff.
  • Discuss with ....DOT construction management staff the topics of change orders, claims and liquidated damages. How are they being applied and how can processes be improved?

Review also includes:

  • A random sampling of 2 project files to evaluate the current process. [ FAX list of projects to ...DOT and they will pull the files and make them available for review.]
  • Use ...DOT restructuring effort, specifically OAO Corp. Street Construction Notice to Proceed Process to strengthen emerging ....DOT-FHWA processes relating to contract administration, project review, advertising, award and notice to proceed topics?
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