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Process Review Guidelines
Determination and Administration of Contract Time

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*modified 7-19-95

STA Districts To Be Included In The Review

Select two projects per District that had contract time determined using the procedures contained in Administrative Circular 17-93, dated July 7, 1993. Information on time determination from the Design Division, the contractor's submitted schedule from the District, and daily time charges from DCIS will be available to the team before traveling to the District. Follow the determination process with the designer and the administration process with the construction representative using the following questions:


  1. Is design and construction responsibility for this project in the same office (ie. Same Area Engineer)
  2. What method was used to determine contract time?
  3. Did you use this procedure to comply with the Administrative Circular or as an aid in determining contract time.
  4. What input was sought/received from construction?
  5. What production rates in Administrative Circular 17-93 were used to determine contract time?
  6. Are the rates generally valid for your situation?
  7. How was the traffic control plan and sequence of work used in the time determination?
  8. Are any bid item "seasonally limited"?
  9. If so, how was timing of the letting used in the determination?
  10. How were the number of months of barricades determined?
  11. Is there follow up during construction to compare actual with anticipated?
  12. What is your opinion of the process?
  13. What changes do you recommend, if any?


  1. Review any special provisions and plan notes that affect contract time.
  2. What working day definition is used?
  3. How is the contractor's schedule used?
  4. Does the contractor's schedule follow the same concept and have the same controlling items as the time determination process?
  5. Is the time work sheet made available to the contractor and/or construction personnel? Why or why not?
  6. How is the controlling item determined?
  7. Are contractor's schedule updates requested if the controlling item changes or the traffic control plan/sequencing changes?
  8. How are time extensions/suspension requests evaluated?
  9. List extensions/suspensions and reasons for approving.
  10. Do you provide any feedback to the designer?
  11. What is your opinion of the process? What changes would you recommend, if any?

State Oversight

Select four to six projects with State oversight. Briefly look at time charges and list type of items for which extensions/suspensions are granted.

Ask Districts who has the authority for approving time extensions and suspensions on projects administered by the Oversight Agreement.

Find out if Districts are aware of Federal regulations and .......... Division policy on time extensions.

Updated: 06/27/2017
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