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STA Quality Improvement Council - Quality Assurance Review Planning Worksheet

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  1. What is the work process to be reviewed?

    Design, construction and maintenance of Environmental Mitigation Commitments.

  2. Has this process been selected for review because of an identified quality concern, or because this process was due for review, or both?

    A review is due, and there are resource agency quality concerns.

  3. If there is a quality concern, what is it?

    Lack of verification documentation.

  4. Who are the users of the output of this process?

    Project Engineers, Contractors, Region Environmental Engineers, Resource Agencies, the General Public.

  5. Who is the person accountable for the process and who has the authority and expertise to develop and implement changes to this process?
  6. Please respond to one of the two following options:

    OPTION A - This review will look at the entire work process from beginning to end.

    Option A was selected.

    What is the beginning and ending of the process?

    Beginning: Environmental commitment in the NEPA document.

    End: Hand-off to Maintenance for on-going maintenance.

    OPTION B - This review will look at key elements of the process and not the entire process.

    What are the beginning and ending steps for each of the key elements to be reviewed?

  7. Where is the process documented?

    Project Development Manual, Construction Manual, Maintenance Manual.

  8. Are there other documents that contain standards, guidelines and/or quality expectations for this process and its output?

    404 Permits, Project Special Provisions, Project Plans.

  9. Who is the lead reviewer for this QAR?
  10. Who are the other members of the review team? (If any)

    .......... - FHWA

    .......... - Project Development Area Engineers

    .......... - Environmental

  11. What is the schedule for this QAR?

    Team assembled: September 20, 2000

    Reviews conducted: September 21 - November 1, 2000.

    Report completed: December 31, 2000

  12. Who will attend these activities, besides the review team?
  13. What will be the distribution of the QAR report? Reviewees, Region Environmental Engineers, QIC
Updated: 06/27/2017
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