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Process Review / Product Evaluation Work Plan

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TITLE:In-depth review of a structural steel fabrication plant.
BACKGROUND:This review was selected because the Division Office has not done a detailed review of this process in several years. A visit to a fabrication plant is required to determine if girders are being produced in accordance with applicable Specifications (quality assurance), if adequate quality control measures are in place, and if any refinements to the process or the Specifications are required.
SCOPE:To review the fabrication process for welded girders for the ((project information)). These girders are being fabricated at .......... The review will be 3-4 days in duration, covering all aspects of the fabrication process, including requirements for FCM's, welding process, conformance with Buy-America Act, AISC Certification, shipping, material requirements, storage, QC/QA program, adequacy of facilities and staffing, etc. We will observe the process, review records in the office (e.g. Buy-America compliance, FCM's, QC plan, and other documents), and conduct interviews with appropriate staff at High Steel Structures. Guidelines will be developed prior to conducting this review.
OBJECTIVE:To gather information about the current fabrication process (i.e., what is working well, what areas need improvement), and to ensure that AASHTO and .......... Specifications are adequate and are being adhered to. To make recommendations for improvements to the process, if necessary. A final report, documenting the results of the review, will be issued.
SCHEDULE:The review will be conducted during the week of September 30. A draft report will be completed within one month after the review is completed. If recommendations result, and development of an action plan is required for implementing them, a meeting will be scheduled with Division Office and .......... upper management to discuss the findings and reach agreement about the recommended course of action. A final report will be completed within two weeks from the completion of this meeting, or the draft report, if no meeting is required.
RESOURCES:Three days review time (Monday-Wednesday). Two nights lodging at hotel in ..........
Updated: 06/27/2017
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